Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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January - February improv classes

WHERE: All classes, unless otherwise noted, will be held at Bolton Street Synagogue, 212 W. Cold Spring Lane, in Evergreen

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Level 101: Intro to Improv

This is the place to start. This course is a prerequisite to all of the upper-level classes.

Students will explore the fundamental principles of improvisation through exercises in agreement, commitment, spontaneity, and listening. No prior performance or improv experience are necessary. Classes build upon one another, allowing novice improvisers to grow and be challenged at a comfortable rate. Sessions are designed so students will build a strong foundation as a confident performer. You will amaze yourself with your newfound skills at the last class performance in front of your friends and family!

Note: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 201: Introduction to Improv Game

Now apply what you’ve learned in Level 101 to focus on "the game of the scene". This class is heavy on exercises in the structural components of game-based, longform improv: zeroing-in on one idea at a time and playing them to their comedic high points. Students will emerge from Level 201 with the tools necessary to stage longer, intertwining scenes with recurring themes, rich characters, and fun relationship dynamics. Prerequisite: Level 101

Note: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Note: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 301: Scene Work

You’ve learned the basics, now get focused on making your scenes run like a well-oiled machine. This class will give you an opportunity to tighten up your longform scenes by building stronger comedic ideas through a deeper understanding of character and game among your team. Support moves, beats, callbacks, group scenes, and advanced edits will all be practiced and utilized to fill out and innovate scene work. Prerequisites: Level 101 and Level 201

Note: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 302: Creating Characters

Make good scenes great with the right kind of characters. A character without consistency is a crazy person. A character without action is just a silly voice. And a character without reaction is a like playing with a wall! This class will push deeper into point of view and behavioral games in order to create exciting, believable and helpful characters. You’ll learn more advanced techniques for telling stories and initiating, maintaining, and enriching scenes.  Prerequisites: Level 101 and Level 201

7 Wednesdays, 7-9:30 pm, January 9th - February 20th

Level 304: Intro to Sketch Writing

This class will focus on the fundamental structures of sketch comedy, that is, the skeletons on which great laughs are built.  In this class, we will explore and write with and around several traditional sketch formulas and genres.  Students should expect to write at least one sketch per week outside of class working towards a final presentation of the writing and are expected to see at least one sketch show during the course of the class. Prerequisites: Level 101 and Level 201

7 Thursdays, 7-9 pm, January 10th - February 21st

Level 501: The Harold

In the final class of BIG's Core Curriculum, you'll combine all the elements of Levels 101-401 into the most quintessential of longform improv formats: The Harold.  This legendary format was created by Del Close and used as the foundation of improv theaters such as Improv Olympic and The Upright Citizens Brigade.  The class will focus on all elements of a successful Harold, including the Pattern Game opening, scene work, beat structure, group games, memory, and premise.  Students will be taught to utilize variety, texture, and group dynamics to bring complex, hilarious ideas to life on stage. Prerequisites: Level 101, Level 201, Level 301, & Level 401 (or another 300/400-Level class, with teacher permission)

7 Mondays, 6:30-9:30pm, January 7 - February 18

Level 502: Monoscene

The Monoscene is a 25-30 minute scene that utilizes all the same characters in the same setting for the entirety of the show.  With a need to establish sustainable characters and a cohesive, plot-driven storyline, the monoscene will push improvisers to work on developing deeper, more complext characters and relationships.  The monoscene format will teach improvisers to make more out of their environment and editing techniques in an effort to enrich the scene and give it more substance. Prerequisites:  Level 101, Level 201, plus at least two 300/400-Level class

7 Saturdays, 3-5:30pm, January 12th - February 23rd

Note: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.