Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hurry BIG Improv classes start next week


“It will change your life!” That’s what we hear most often about taking improv classes. At BIG University you’ll work with the best improvisers in Baltimore to perform original, honest, and funny work through games, exercises and performances.

We offer classes for all levels—from introductory level to advanced specialized programs. Age is truly just a number in improv. There are classes and workshops for kids, teens, and adults.

You will receive excellent training and specific feedback while you have the time of your life!

WHERE: All classes, unless otherwise noted, will be held at Bolton Street Synagogue, 212 W. Cold Spring Lane, in Evergreen

Level 101: Intro to Improv

This is the place to start. This course is a prerequisite to all of the upper-level classes.

Students will explore the fundamental principles of improvisation through exercises in agreement, commitment, spontaneity, and listening. No prior performance or improv experience are necessary. Classes build upon one another, allowing novice improvisers to grow and be challenged at a comfortable rate. Sessions are designed so students will build a strong foundation as a confident performer. You will amaze yourself with your newfound skills at the last class performance in front of your friends and family!

WHERE: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 201: Introduction to Improv Game

Now apply what you’ve learned in Level 101 to focus on "the game of the scene". This class is heavy on exercises in the structural components of game-based, longform improv: zeroing-in on one idea at a time and playing them to their comedic high points. Students will emerge from Level 201 with the tools necessary to stage longer, intertwining scenes with recurring themes, rich characters, and fun relationship dynamics. Prerequisite: Level 101

WHERE: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 301: Scene Work

You’ve learned the basics, now get focused on making your scenes run like a well-oiled machine. This class will give you an opportunity to tighten up your longform scenes by building stronger comedic ideas through a deeper understanding of character and game among your team. Support moves, beats, callbacks, group scenes, and advanced edits will all be practiced and utilized to fill out and innovate scene work. Prerequisites: Level 101 and Level 201

WHERE: This course will meet at The BIG Theater, 1727 N. Charles St.

Level 304: Acting for Improvisers

The dirty secret of improv, the one many improvisers won’t even whisper to themselves at night, is that improv is acting. Acting for Improvisers will focus on “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” We will be slowing down to explore character creation and motivation using scripted scenes and monologues as well as fully improvised scenes. This course will require some work outside of class, and full engagement in class, with the commitment to play scenes for truth before laughs. The class will culminate in a showcase combining scripted scenes and fully improvised dramatic scene work. Prerequisites: Level 101 and Level 201

7 Mondays, 6:30-9 pm, Mar 7 - June 18

Level 401: Group Games

Two characters standing on stage: the most common improvised scene. But how do scenes change when a third, fourth, fifth or ninth player is thrown into the mix? And how do you build those group games within a Harold into more than just a palette cleanser? In this advanced improvisation class students will learn pertinent skills for scenes in which every player is involved. Special emphasis will be placed on agreeing, finding the game, and sharing focus while heightening emotionally and physically. The class will explore working as a group through openings, walk-ons and backline support, and numerous approaches to organic and structured group games. The class will culminate in a long-form performance which emphasizes the awesomeness of group dynamics. Prerequisites: Level 101, Level 201, and at least one 300-Level class

7 Mondays, 6:30-9 pm, Mar 7 - June 18 [SOLD OUT]

Level 505: The Movie Experience

This action-packed class will explore the Movie Experience form, a form building off the Movie form originally developed by Del Close and the Family in Chicago. This class will focus on the group collectively creating an action movie that plays on and subverts the style of movies. Students will learn a variety of edits as well as a form of improvised stage combat. This is a physical class that can involve some adult material. Students should come prepared to move about and be comfortable playing villainous characters. *This class will be featured for THREE Student Showcases on Conservatory Tuesdays (the teacher will be on hand to give notes after the first Showcase, but may not be available for the remaining two performances)
Prerequisites: Level 101, Level 201, plus at least two 300/400-Level classes

7 Thursdays, 6:30-9 pm, May 10 - June 21

Try a Two-Hour Intro Workshop

Never taken an improv class before? Well now is your chance to try it out with experienced BIG instructors!

This introductory workshop is designed to give potential students an opportunity to experience what a class is like before committing to a full course. Through simple, fun and supportive games, participants will explore basic concepts like playfulness, listening and agreement – all in a safe and comfortable group setting geared specifically toward those who are new to improv.

*As an added bonus, workshop participants will receive a free ticket to the Sunday evening improv show, directly following the workshop!*  Space is limited, so please sign up ahead of time to secure your spot. For adults 18+

May 6, 5-7 pm (register) [SOLD OUT]
May 13, 5-7 pm (
June 10, 5-7 pm (
June 24, 5-7 pm (

Workshops for Kids and Teens

Kids Improv Workshop

Saturday, March 12, 10 - 11:30 am (register)

Do your kids love to make believe? Are they creative? Do you think they might be funnier than you? Then have them join The Baltimore Improv Group for a fun class of improvisational theater! Students will learn the basics of improv, participating in exercises and games for better listening, agreement, and response. From there, kids will take to the stage to practice scene work and create fun characters.

Through it all, the students will see their self-confidence increase while exploring their own creativity and how group trust and teamwork make for amazing and hilarious improv theater. This class is limited to children, ages 8-12 years old. No prior experience is necessary!

Teen Improv Workshop

Saturday, May 12, 10-11:30 am (register)

Let your teens jump into some seriously hilarious improv work while simultaneously learning newfound confidence! In addition to growing their speaking and listening skills, teens will learn how to build exciting stories, create fascinating characters, and present them through fun improv scenes and games.

Students will also learn different types of improv formats, structures, and games. These workshops are all about jumping in, having fun, playing hard, working together and finding your voice. Always fun, this class will focus on developing improv skills and creating performers. For teenagers ages 13-17, with any level of experience.