Wednesday, March 28, 2018


WHERE: 1 East Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21202

Thursday, March 29, 8:00 pm 

A musical theater production of Aletheia for actress/singer/instrumentalist, computer controlled piano, and quadraphonic electronics will be presented by Abbie Conant. Conant is the trombonist, singer, actress, and choir in the piece. She and William Osborne wrote the text, while Osborne composed, directed, and design both the sound and set. Aletheia is an opera singer who is delighted that she has been asked to perform for an opera gala and is preparing for her role in the ruins of Detroit the opera house. This visit has been funded by the Levi-Gerstung Grant. The event, in Cohen-Davison Family Theatre, is free and open to the public. Tickets are currently unavailable; please call the Box Office at 667-208-6620 to be added to the waiting list.

Friday, March 30, 12:00 pm

Now on Fridays, this week's free noon recital in Miriam A. Friedberg Concert Hall will be presented by the Percussion Department. Lior Willinger and Chelsea De Souza, pianos, and Matthew Overbay and Russell Fisher, vibraphones, will perform Steve Reich's Quartet. Randall Chavez-Camacho, marimba, will perform Alejandro Viñao's Madera Viento y Metal. Colin Crandal, Ben Giroux, and Sejeong Pyo, tables, will perform Thierry De Mey's Musique de Table. Sejeong Pyo, marimba, and Colin Crandal, Yonatan Rozin, Ben Giroux, percussion, will perform Minoru Miki's Marimba Spiritual.


Tuesday, April 3, 7:00 pm

Peabody Conductors Orchestra

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Wednesday, April 8, 2:00 pm

Preparatory Young People's String Program

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Wednesday, April 11, 7:30 pm

Peabody Wind Ensemble

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Friday, April 13, 8:00 pm

Peabody Chamber Orchestra

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Saturday, April 14, 8:00 pm

Faculty Recital: Robert van Sice, Percussion

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Sunday, April 15, 2:00 pm

Peabody Chamber Orchestra in New York

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