Friday, August 25, 2017


Dear Pumpkin Theatre Supporter,

Pumpkin Theatre just reached a major milestone of fifty years as Baltimore's only non-profit theatre company that produces plays just for children.  In looking forward to another fifty years of success, we are launching a search to establish the company in a location that will allow us to reach the broader community and bring productions and classes back into Baltimore city, Pumpkin Theatre's original home.

Founded in 1967, Pumpkin Theatre is celebrating its golden anniversary season this year. Its mission is to entertain, educate, and empower children through theatrical productions and educational programs

During this time, Pumpkin Theatre will be temporarily suspending our production schedule and school of drama in order to focus on the search for a venue that will support not only the institution's mission, but essential growth for the organization.

In taking this very exciting and important step, the company will partner with other non-profit arts organizations in Baltimore.  This will enable us to expand our reach and allow more children access to live theatre.

Early introduction to the arts is vital for the healthy development of young minds. Theater is unique in that it helps children explore not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others. This essential exploration helps children develop empathy, compassion, and tolerance. Theater invites participants to work together to create something beyond the abilities of any one individual. The far- reaching benefit is that theatre helps to build and strengthen a community. Pumpkin Theatre believes that this focus on community is what Baltimore's youth need right now.

In the past year Pumpkin Theatre has:

  • Reached more than 4,000 people through our main stage season, School of Drama, and touring productions.

  • Provided free and discounted admission to more than 600 needy children through our Student Matinee Series.  This means that children, who otherwise might not be able to see theatre, were brought to our space and witnessed live theatre.

  • Welcomed Maryland School for the Blind students to our final dress rehearsals for every main stage production.

To maintain and extend these accomplishments, we are asking for your generous tax-deductible financial support.  Donations can be made through our website or sent to the address listed below.

Help us in our campaign to create magic for children for the next fifty years. Your support will not only benefit children throughout our region but will also help strengthen our community.


Pumpkin Theatre Board of Directors

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