Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Announcing new exhibit at the B&O Railroad Museum: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877


B&O Railroad Museum: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877

WHEN: Now – Fall 2018; Monday-Saturday (10am-4pm), Sunday (11am-4pm
B&O Railroad Museum, 901 W. Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21223
ADMISSION:  $18 Adults, $16 Seniors (60+), $12 Children (2-12), B&O Members –Free

The B&O Railroad Museum announces the opening of the new exhibit, The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 highlighting an economic depression that lead to severe wage cuts mandated by the B&O Railroad and other industries that sparked a violent outrage of over one million employees.

Within an eight-month period, John Work Garrett, B&O president of the B&O Railroad, reduced employee wages by 20% for any employee making more than one dollar a day. When the pay cut took effect on July 16, 1877, B&O workers in Martinsburg, West Virginia, went out on strike and refused to allow locomotives to operate until the pay cut was rescinded. Quickly, violent riots broke out along B&O rail lines from Baltimore’s Camden Station to Cumberland, Maryland, and then throughout the nation. Eventually, military assistance from state and federal governments was sent to stop the violence.  More than one month later, the largest single industrial uprising in U.S. history ended and eventually brought about reform in labor relations and benefits.

The B&O Railroad Museum™, a full affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of American railroading and its impact on American society, culture and economy. The Museum is home to the oldest, most comprehensive collection of railroad artifacts in the Western Hemisphere, including an unparalleled roster of 19th and 20th century railroad equipment.  The 40-acre historic site is regarded as the birthplace of American Railroading and includes the 1851 Mt. Clare Station, the 1884 Baldwin Roundhouse and the first mile of commercial railroad track in America.

For further information on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, please call 410-752-2490 or visit www.borail.org.