Sunday, May 7, 2017


Unscripted Week 3 coming up!

WHEN: May 11 - May 13, 8pm
Single Carrot Theatre, 2600 N Howard St., Baltimore
TICKETS: Tickets only $15!
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Some thoughts from the first director, Prescott Gaylord

I am asked how I feel about not directing Unscripted for the first time since its inception in 2008 from time to time.

I like to think sometimes that we created Unscripted out of nothing, but it isn't really true.  We created the show out of the talent of the people working on it.  It is a crowdsourced improvised play.  It is a play that is devised in real time with a devised process. Devised prime.

The show started with the talent of one troupe—Gus—in 2008, plus the work of a clever stage manager/performer—Nina Knoche—and a brilliance of a tech director/performer—Miles Needer. Together we built a play that ran that year for only one weekend, and started a tradition.  It also became a huge part of my life every year.

Innovations to the show have come from the casts themselves.  Costuming and set building during performances became more seamless. Light design became more improvised and integrated. We had to learn some props magic and management.  But also as we progressed, the show got more soul.  Roy developed a technique for speaking as the voice of the audience as a low status observer. Kathryn applied dramatic theory to every beat of a scene.  Dave taught us how to ground the most absurd of premises. So many improvisers have helped write the process that we now use, and it is constantly being updated.

With that in mind, I realize there is no real change in the helm of the show.  Unscripted is being directed by the people who have always directed it—the cast.  Kathryn and Dave are now acting as stewards of the wonderful piece of art whose medium is the talent of its members and human emotion. I'm excited for the innovation this year.  I'm thrilled that this show still delights Baltimore audiences. And I'm proud. Yes, I'm also sad, but it is only the sadness of a man without a ticket.  I wish I could see what magic will happen this year.

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