Saturday, April 15, 2017


Next Up at SCT:

A Short Reunion!

A Short Reunion is only weeks away!

This one-of-a-kind, two-week-only event will bring all current and former ensemble members together, performing never-before-seen shorts from a number of playwrights produced by Single Carrot over the past decade!

This show breaks out of the theatre and into the streets and businesses of Remington! Follow your guide on a short walk through the neighborhood, featuring great theatre in homes, local businesses, and outdoor locations along the way!

Partners include: Parts & Labor, Sweet 27, Charmington's, Miller's Court, Old Bank Barbers, Brick and Board, and Young Audiences of Maryland; plus local residences, landmarks, and more!

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Returning playwrights include

  • Ben Hoover (Midlife, Season 9)
  • Olivia Dufault (Year of the Rooster, Season 9)
  • Jen Silverman (Phoebe in Winter, Season 9)
  • Caridad Svich (Tropic of X, Season 6)
  • Charles Mee (Hotel Cassiopeia, Season 5)
  • Joshua Conkel (MilkMilkLemonade, Season 5)
  • Eric Coble (Natural Selection, Season 4)
  • Adam Szymkowicz (Food For Fish, Season 2)

All the former Carrot Ensemble members are coming home for this show, don't miss your chance to catch up with all the Carrots of the last decade, including:

Joey Bromfield, Nathan Cooper, Nathan Fulton, Jessica Garrett, Ben Hoover, J. Buck Jabaily, Meg Jabaily, Britt Olsen-Ecker, Aldo Patoja, Brandan Raga, and Elliott Rauh.

If you really want to party with the carrots, make sure you grab a ticket for the Season X Homecoming Gala, Saturday, April 22nd!

Enjoy food, drinks, and a special performance of A Short Reunion!

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