Friday, March 10, 2017



WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 8:30 PM
The Red Room at Normals Books & Records, 425 E. 31st St., Baltimore
ADMISSION: Sliding Scale $5-10

Two acts of audio visual synthesis.  A new performance of Carrie Fucile and Mark Brown's "Material Action" and Tom Borax' "The Artist is Telepresent, part 90."  Real time video and QUADROPHONIC SOUND for all!  

Material Actions is an audiovisual performance that considers the Dutch Age of Exploration andthe flow of modern, global capital. In this piece, Fucile “plays” common materials—such as coins, bricks, and fans—while Brown projects live, sound-reactive video.

Carrie Fucile is an intermedia artist focused on sound, installation, and performance. She has exhibited and performed at numerous venues in the United States and around the world including The Walters Art Museum, the (e)merge Art Fair, Vox Populi, VMK – Gönczi Gallery, and Casa Contemporânea. Recent honors include a 2016 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award and a 2015 D’CLINIC residency in Hungary.

Mark Brown primarily works with video sourced from the vast digital content universe that is YouTube. His art embraces the internet as both gallery and medium, creating new works fromthe cracks, glitches, and fall-out of digital realities. Brown has collaborated with a number of musicians and sound artists to produce densely layered, color saturated, video portraits meant to merge the realms of sound and image. His work has been screened at galleries throughout North America and Europe.

Tom Borax will perform continued works of “telepresence,” a Max Headroom-like version of an improvising modular synth performance, but synesthetic.  ALSO is QUAD.  It is also like a colonoscopy video, but also disembodied/dissociative. Maybe if you were watching the live video of Willy Wonka’s colonoscopy, and he had an Everlasting Ketamine Gobstopper in there. Perhaps ketamine could be used as an anesthetic during colonoscopies? Synesthesianesthesia.

Consider this psychedelic ouroboros – you get a colonoscopy, and the anesthetic used is ketamine. the dissociative effect of the k-hole is typical – a deepening hole into the self, an ego hole. At the same time, the video feed of the colon scope is displayed in front of you on a large wrap-around screen like an IMAX. In this case the mouth of the ouroboros is your ass, eating your mind.  In QUAD so you can be immersed.


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