Monday, January 9, 2017



German adaptation:   Bertolt Brecht
Music:  Kurt Weill
English lyrics:  Michael Feingold
directed by Michael Blum
musical direction by Erica Rome
stage managed by Darlene Harris

WHEN: Jan 13 - Feb 5, 2017
Spotlighters Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore
TICKETS: adults - $22; seniors (60+0 - $20; students & military - $18
Ten Spot Thursday: Jan 19 - Tickets $10
Talk Back:  Sun, Jan 29  - join us immediately following the performance for a discussion with cast & directors
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In 1928, Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill adapted John Gay's 18th-century The Beggar's Opera to fashion a savage, biting commentary on bourgeois capitalism and modern morality, set to unforgettable music with tunes that have been famous for 90 years. 

Our contemporary world sees 19th-century London through the lens of 1920s Berlin, to tell the bitter tale of the predatory outlaw Mack the Knife, who marries the daughter of Soho's underworld boss but is betrayed by his sinister in-laws and his favorite prostitutes and sent to prison. He temporarily escapes with the help of the Sheriff’s daughter, but all the forces of society converge to bring about a menacing finale of ferocious irony.


  • Connor Moore – Streetsinger; Charles Filch; Reverend Kimball; The Mounted Messenger
  • ​Kay-Megan Washington – Mrs. Peachum         
  • Frank Mancino – Mr. Peachum
  • Allison Hicks – Polly Peachum         
  • Rob Wall – Tiger Brown
  • Amber Hooper – Lucy Brown; Diana Coaxer         
  • Evangeline Ridgaway – Jenny Diver
  • Steve Quintilian – Captain Macheath         
  • Stuart Kazanow – Matt of the Mint
  • Jim Knost – Crook-Fingered Jake           
  • Dave Guy – Sawtooth Bob; Constable Smith
  • Glen Charlow – Wally the Weeper; Policeman          
  • Amie Bell – Dolly Vixen
  • Andrea Bush – Betty Doxy         
  • Rachel Verhaaren – Molly Brazen
  • Kristin Miller – Suky Tawdry