Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The Reviews are in!

Critics are raving about the first show of Season X!

"There are dynamic, distinctive performances...The cast's physical interaction rings as true as the articulation of the words. Emotional flare-ups (the "savage" parts, you could say) are handled with considerable power."
-The Baltimore Sun

"Honing in on the fact that the simplest shift of inflection, the gentlest nudge of tone, or change in delivery can completely upend the meaning of words exchanged between two people...each of the six performers feels as if they are an individual and yet a part of the bigger picture at all times. The emotional clarity with which they deliver the piece— in its fragments and as a whole— is moving beyond compare."-Theatre Bloom

"Throughout the show, the audience connected with moments they saw in themselves and reacted to them. The idea of changing our appearance, our political stance and so much more trying to attract the partner of our dreams? Admit it: been there, done that!"-MD Theatre Guide

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For tickets and info click here, or get in touch!
WHERE: Single Carrot Theatre, 2600 N Howard Street (entrance on 26th), Baltimore

Join us for one of our tie-in events!

Can't make Single Carrot's usual show times?
Join us for our special 5pm show on Saturday November 19th,
then stick around for a fireside chat with Savage/Love director Jen Spieler!

Fireside Chat with Savage/Love Director Jen Spieler
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th, immediately following the 5pm show

Savage/Love Director Jen Spieler will gather with audience members over some hot apple cider around the Remington Fireplace to talk about the play, the process, and the multiple dimensions of love and relationships.

Or join us this Thursday for a sexy seminar by Sugar:

Keep it Hot: A Post-Show Workshop with Jacq Jones of Sugar
WHEN: Thursday, November 10th, immediately following the 8pm show

Jacq Jones, sex educator and the owner of Baltimore’s favorite adult store, is bringing Sugar’s award-winning education to Single Carrot Theatre for a one-night-only workshop on keeping the fire alive in long-term relationships. Come ask questions and get answers, inspiration, and a fresh perspective on avoiding the ennui of long-term love!