Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Three Days of Bewilderment at the Red Room!

WHEN: November 10th-12th, 2016; All shows at 9:00 pm
The Red Room at Normals Books and Records, 425 E. 31st Street
ADMISSION: $5-10 sliding scale

The X Trio

WHEN: Thursday, November 10th, 9 PM

The Red Room is pleased to present an evening of jazz-influenced free improv by local musicians Steve Olson (drums), Mark Lysher (bass), and Todd Marcus (bass clarinet) expanding the auditory space occupied by the appearance of a jazz trio.

Steve Olson will open the evening with a solo on drums/percussion/objects/recorded sounds.

Kyle Eyre Clyd ( tape release) 

John Jones + Zack Utz

Nicole Mazarakis + Mike Allender

WHEN: Friday, November 11th, 9 PM

Kyle Eyre Clyd is a electronic sound artist based on New Orleans. This will be a tape release for her new Cassette coming out on Ultraviolet Light Records. Additionally we have two amazing local Duo’s on the bill. John Jones ( aka Nerftoss) will be performing with Zack Utz and Nicole Mazarakis with Mike Allender. A NIGHT NOT TO BE MISSED.

Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble featuring Jason Smeltzer

WHEN: Saturday, November 12th, 9 PM

An Instructive Lecture/Musical Performance by Stanley Schumacher, Jason Smeltzer and Professor Musikmacher. Bendy music (trombone and theremin) guaranteed to also bend your brain. Preceding musical invocation by local musicians Shelly Purdy and Bob Wagner. A journey through metaphysical explorations of sound that may just question everything you know about music. Lab coats are not mandatory.

STEVEN OLSON is a Maryland-based drummer, percussionist, and composer who performs primarily in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area, and New York. After playing many styles of jazz, his focus in recent years has been in modern free improvisation and experimental music. His most recent recording, The Ruthless Shapes of Paradise with Denman Maroney and Oscar Noriega, has received critical acclaim and airplay across the country. His 2014 recording, Conversations – a collection of freely improvised duets with Michael Formanek, Dave Ballou, Tony Martucci, Todd Marcus, Andrew Delclos and Jarrett Gilgore – was nominated as the 2014 Jazz Recording of the Year by the Washington Area Music Association.

THE X TRIO is Steve Olson on drums/percussion/objects, Mark Lysher on bass, and Todd Marcus on bass clarinet. The ensemble explores true communication, story-telling, sound, space, interaction and experimentation. Conversational music. Music with heart. All three musicians have absorbed and expanded various musical traditions, and bring that maturity to their collaboration.

STANLEY SCHUMACHER AND THE MUSIC NOW ENSEMBLE is a collective of improvisers and composers of exceptional musicianship and imagination. The members of the collective perform in various combinations of players in order to offer a kaleidoscope of instrumentations consistent with the philosophy of free improvisation. Stanley Schumacher founded the ensemble in 2003 to present performances in both acoustical and electroacoustical formats and to promote the diversity and spontaneity of contemporary art music. For this performance, the ensemble will be comprised of Stanley Schumacher, Jason Smeltzer and Professor Musikmacher. Trombonist, vocalist, and composer Stanley Schumacher is director of the Music Now Ensemble and president of Musikmacher Productions. Jason Smeltzer plays the Theremin, one of the first musical instruments to use electricity and the only instrument played without being touched. A long-time associate of the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Professor Musikmacher performs exclusively with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble, which provides a platform for his “instructive lectures.”
PROFESSOR MUSIKMACHER, a long-time associate of the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, performs exclusively with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble, which provides a platform for his “instructive lectures.”  He was educated in Berlin at the Moravian Academy and at the St. Ursula School for Delinquent Girls where he completed his theoretical studies.  A man of catholic interests, Professor Musikmacher is well known for his essay “Oral Arts and the Negative Space Continuum.”  Included in the venerable Journal of Oral Arts, this essay explores the metaphysical relationship of sound and reality.  His recent book, Altered States: A Comprehensive Investigation of Reality, published by Didactic Press, has received high critical acclaim.

SHELLY PURDY is a contemporary percussionist who has played in Umbilicus and The Inverse Square Trio. She has collaborated with composers, dancers, sculptors, and visual artists.

BOB WAGNER is a serious and funny drummer, having played regularly with John Berndt, John Deirker, Jason Willett, and Neil Feather. He’s played in cover bands — Baltimore Afrobeat Society, Broydeilic Sidecar I — and under the covers — Smilodon.