Saturday, September 17, 2016


Why are you so danged lucky?

I'll tell you why!  $5 top-shelf improv, that's why!

So we're still moving in, and there are boxes everywhere (figuratively speaking) but we're throwing a party anyway!  Two awesome BETA shows at our new ALPHA location—Single Carrot Theater.  Come help us decide where to put the furniture (literally speaking) and get your hipster bragging rights: "I was there the first weekend ever!"

Impromptune, Lekker, and Training for Prom!
WHEN: Friday night
TICKETS: Just $5 measly bucks!

Hostel, Aftermath, Rudy Two Shoes, and Plan B
WHEN: Saturday night
Be there at the new beginning!

WHERE: Single Carrot Theatre, 2600 North Howard Street, Baltimore, MD

Who says work has to be a drag?!

 BIG Corporate Workshops & Retreats

Improvisation relies upon collaboration and listening, trust and agreement, in order for players to create compelling comedy in the moment. These are learnable skills, and there is no better means to teach them than Improvisation.

Workshops typically last for three hours, though the length can be adjusted by client’s request. Workshops can be focused upon:

  • Introductory Improvisation
  • Communication
  • Trust & Collaboration
  • Encouraging & Rewarding Creativity

Retreats are more involved half or full day training sessions incorporating one or more of the topics above.

For more information about BIG’s Corporate Training, contact BIG's Managing Director Terry Wither at

Take your baby steps with us—two opportunities to try improv for the first time!

Absolute Beginners' Workshops

Our instructors create a safe, fun space to practice listening and playing together with a variety of improv games.  The best part is NOBODY knows what they're doing, so you'll fit right in!


Session 1: Sunday, September 25, 5-7 PM

Session 2: Sunday, October 16, 5-7 PM

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