Sunday, September 25, 2016


By Gaetano Rossini

WHEN: September 30 – October 2, 7:30 PM
The Engineers Club Ballroom Baltimore, MD
TICKETS:  $27.50 to $71.50

About Tancredi
Based on Voltaire's play 'Tancrede', the opera is highly praised as one of Rossini's masterworks in his oeuvre of an amazing FORTY operas. 

Rossini's earliest biographer, Stendhal, described Tancredi as "a genuine thunderbolt out of a clear, blue sky for the Italian lyric theatre..." and scholar Richard Osborne proclaimed the opera to be the composer's "first fully fledged opera seria and it established him, more or less instantly, as Italy's leading composer of contemporary opera."

The music is glorious and the story compelling. The drama centers around the beautiful Amenaide, whose forbidden love for the exiled Tancredi causes misunderstandings and great turmoil.  

Choose your own glorious adventure
In keeping with the 'opera seria' (translated as 'serious' or 'heroic' opera) tradition, Rossini composed the expected happy ending.   However, after the Venice premiere in February 1813, Rossini asked a poet friend (Luigi Lechi) to rework Gaetano Rossi's libretto to more accurately reflect Voltaire's tragic ending. The revised version of the opera was presented later that year, but fell out of favor, and the score for the tragic ending basically disappeared. Once it was rediscovered in the 1970s, it supplanted the happy ending little by little in modern performances.

Question: Which ending will BCO do?
Answer: BOTH!

Our clever and committed conductor, Maestro Anthony Barrese, has figured out a way to give our audiences both endings!  You'll have to come join us to find out how. 
We are thrilled to present our third artistic collaboration with Maestro Barrese and Opera Southwest with Tancredi, and are sure you'll enjoy this operatic gem. 

BCO is pleased to present Tancredi in a co-production with Opera Southwest. For casting information and to make dining reservations, visit