Friday, June 3, 2016



WHEN: Friday, June 3, through June 26
WHERE: Single Carrot Theatre, 2600 N. Howard Street, attached to the restaurant Parts and Labor.
Click here for a Google map of our location.

Reserve now for the final play of SCT's No Fear, New Work Season!
Join us for Prosecco and Pizza on Opening Night or click here for other performance dates through June 26th!

Written by former ensemble member Ben Hoover and directed by current ensemble member Kellie Mecleary, Midlife is a whirlwind thriller that incorporates live video, original music and "innerlogue," a feat of sound engineering that allows the audience to hear characters' thoughts.

There will be a champagne toast, snacks and a reception immediately following the opening night performance!

To reserve tickets: email, call (443) 844-9253, or reserve online.  

Space is limited, so act now!

When Beck’s daily coffee run takes a turn for the bizarre, the thirty-something, married mid-level manager finds herself in the midst of a battle against time.  Beck fights to preserve her sense of self against an increasingly surreal set of foes: an albino with a mysterious key; a sinister old woman who knows more than she should; a breathtaking circus ringleader; and her own tumbling thoughts. When her favorite barista is kidnapped by these ethereal enemies, Beck must journey down a path from which there is no turning back.Whimsical, sinister, and profound, Midlife is a meditation on the terror of change. World premiere.