Tuesday, May 17, 2016



WHERE: Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Avenue,

WHEN: May 13-July 2





Juried by Jenny Mendes

In the galleries: Kevin Snipes, Mia Halton, and Mother Seton Academy

Baltimore Clayworks is pleased to announce four exhibition in our gallery spaces, all running from May 13 - July 2, 2016. Exhibitions include Menagerie, juried by Jenny Mendes, in our Main Gallery; Kevin Snipes in our Solo Gallery; Mia Halton's The Pushover Project in our Project Space Gallery; and Mother Seton Academy in the Community Arts Gallery. 

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to present Menagerie, an animal themed exhibition of sculptures and vessels in animal form or decorated in motif, juried by Jenny Mendes. Artists often find inspiration in the zoological realm, from cave paintings to contemporary ceramic arts, animals abound. We project our foibles and personalities on them.  We use their grace, strength or antics and translate that onto our artwork. Artists can hide the truth under the guise of a creature or in an attempt to embody an attribute. This show encompasses sculptures depicting the form or pose of a beast as well as teacups or bowls with animals gallivanting around. Do the animals have human qualities or is it the other way around?

Kevin Snipes creates narrative, unconventional pottery with his obsessive need to draw on everything that results in unique, illustrative work. This show - located in our Solo Gallery - will be a dynamic mix of drawings, wall works and vessels.

The Pushover Project is a comprehensive exhibition featuring Mia Halton's Pushover sculptures and supportive drawings. These pieces of art are an outgrowth of the artist's series on bullying and will be featured in our Project Space Gallery.

Since 2008, Clayworks has brought weekly clay programing to young people at Mother Seton Academy, a scholarship-based Catholic Middle School in the Greenmount West neighborhood in Baltimore City. Exhibited works were created by students in Spring 2016 and are located in our Community Arts Gallery. 


Baltimore Clayworks is a not-for-profit ceramic art center located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. Founded in 1980, Clayworks is housed in two reclaimed and renovated buildings located across the street from one another.  This organization offers classes, artists' spaces, exhibitions, and programs throughout the community.  Gallery hours are 10AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday, and 12-5PM Saturday through Sunday.  For more information call Baltimore Clayworks at 410-578-1919 or visit our website, www.baltimoreclayworks.org.