Thursday, February 11, 2016


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Did you know that when World War II broke out in the U.S. with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 the Maryland Historical Society was already 97 years old? Not only were we firmly ensconced in the Mount Vernon neighborhood since 1920 but we celebrated our centennial, hosted Vice President Harry Truman for an evening lecture, and housed the state's official War Records Commission. Collecting information on Maryland's military men and women continued a tradition begun during the first World War when the society also served as the state's official repository. The society published eleven volumes of these records, including personnel service records and reports on industry and agriculture.

Now, 70 years after the end of World War II, we lose veterans at the rate of 400 a day. The passing of the greatest generation is truly a historical milestone of an era that helped shape this country as we know it today. Join us on February 27 for the Young Defender's Victory Bash where we will bring the 1940s to life once again!

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Join Us at The February Victory Bash


The Young Defenders of the Maryland Historical Society proudly invite you to the 2016 edition of our popular February Bash - this year's theme pays homage to WWII's Allied Forces! Join us on Saturday, February 27th, for a Victory Bash featuring live music and dancing, craft cocktails, an open bar, and great eats. (Above: "First released," Veterans returning, World War II, 1945, A. Aubrey Bodine, Maryland Historical Society, B614B)

The 1940s were a trying time for Americans both at home and on duty. Families missed enlisted relatives and creature comforts were restricted by wartime rations. Sacrifice was a common experience for the Greatest Generation, but even in those trying times they knew how to throw a good party! USO shows brought a taste of home to weary troops on the front with the best of American music, dancing, and entertainment, and citizens celebrated countrywide when victory was declared in 1945.

During America's involvement in WWII, the Maryland Historical Society housed the state's official War Records Commission. Over a period of several years, the staff obtained photographs and textual material from Maryland industries and farms, every branch of the military, government agencies, civic groups, and relief agencies. In addition, the staff conducted personal interviews and collected articles from several Maryland newspapers. The result was a deep, rich collection of material, thoroughly documenting the involvement of Marylanders in the war and the war's impact on all aspects of life in the state.

Stewardship of this irreplaceable collection is hard work! Proceeds from the Victory Bash go a long way in supporting the Maryland Historical Society's one of a kind archive.

The archives of the Maryland Historical Society also contain hundreds of images by famed Maryland photographer Aubrey Bodine. His photographs span of wide variety of subjects, including the exuberant homecoming of our heroes such as the black and white photograph above.
Help us channel this swinging spirit at a fantastic venue, Baltimore's Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, in Baltimore's Guilford neighborhood. We're calling all flyboys and GI Janes to help us put the "big" in Big Band with a big dance floor, big sound (both swing and modern music), and delicious refreshments. Let's celebrate the Allied Victory!

Get your tickets to the Victory Bash now by clicking here.
All beverages and appetizers are included with ticket purchase. Hearty hors d'oeuvres provided by Chef's Expressions. Liquor provided by Manatawny Still Works. Beer provided by Old Dominion Brewing. Wine and bubbly provided by Frederick Wildman and Sons.

WHERE: The Maryland Historical Society, 201 W. Monument Street, Baltimore MD 21201