Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Go Beyond the Buzzwords with BIG:

Improv Techniques in a Corporate World

Did you know improv techniques lead to better business? It does! Improvisation relies on collaboration, listening, trust and agreement, the same skills are necessary for a productive corporate environment.  BIG's corporate training program uses improv techniques to teach and strengthen  your office.

What Do We Offer?
There are many options in our program, from a single workshop to multiday retreats, we will find a solution that fits. We have four base modules to choose from, and our Executive director Mike Harris will work with you to customize a program that suits your needs.

Intro to Improv for Business
This is the starting point. Learn the basics of improvisation skills and how they can help your people to collaborate, innovate and communicate more effectively.

Improv for Business Presentations
Find out how the practice of improvisation skills can help you to deliver presentations in a more engaging and inspiring way—internally and with clients.

Intro to Improv for Trust & Collaboration in Business
Use the core skills learned in Intro to Improv for Business and focus their application on creating and maintaining team dynamics which help teams increase trust and collaboration at work.

Improv for Encouraging & Rearing Creativity in Business
The ability to be creative is vital for the success of any business. Explore how to encourage and reward creativity in ourselves and our colleagues.

All of these modules can be adjusted to fit your time and office needs. Please contact Michael Harris at mikeharris@bigimprov.org for scheduling and more information.

Want BIG fun at your next event?

Hire BIG for a personalized show

From Bar Mitzvahs to bachelorette parties to the Baltimore Museum of Art, BIG has provided entertainment to a variety of private events, and yours could be one of them! We provide a unique type of fun that is completely customizable to your event. Contact Mike Harris at  mikeharris@bigimprov.org today to find out more!

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