Monday, August 24, 2015



By Thornton Wilder
Directed by Eric Stein

WHEN: Saturday, September 12th at 2pm and Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at 7 pm. Callbacks: TBA (if needed)
WHERE: Vagabond Players 806 S. Broadway Fells Point, MD

Performance Dates: January 8th - February 7th, 2016. Fridays and Saturdays are at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm, and Thursday February 4th at 8pm.

Rehearsals will begin on October 26, 2015 and will run four nights a week in some combination of Sunday through Thursday.

All roles are non-equity, non-paid.

Auditions will include cold readings from the script. For more information about auditions please contact director Eric Stein at


Described by Edward Albee as “…the greatest American play ever written,” the story follows the residents of the small town of Grover’s Corners through three acts: “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage,” and “Death and Eternity.”

Character Descriptions

  • The roles of Emily Webb & Editor Webb have already been cast.
  • Stage Manager – (40-65) The narrator, who also plays the roles of master of ceremonies, Mrs. Forrest, Mr. Morgan, and a minister.
  • Dr. Frank Gibbs – (40-65) The town’s doctor. He is the father of George and Rebecca Gibbs.
  • Mrs. Julia Hersey Gibbs – (40-60) Dr. Gibbs’ wife, who represents a typical housewife in the first two acts; in the final act, she is seen as a spirit.
  • George Gibbs – (18-25) Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’ sixteen-year-old son, who discovers his love for Emily, marries her in the second act, and grieves for her loss in the third act.
  • Rebecca Gibbs – (13-18) Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs’ daughter, who is younger than George.
  • Mrs. Myrtle Webb – (40-55) Charles Webb’s wife, she represents the typical mother and housewife.
  • Wallace “Wally” Webb – (9-15) Emily’s younger brother and one of the spirits in the last act.
  • Simon Stimson – (30-50) The organist of the Congregational Church who is the subject of town gossip because of his alcoholism
  • Mrs. Louella Soames – (35-65) A local busybody who clucks over Simon’s alcoholism and idealizes George and Emily’s marriage.
  • Howie Newsome – (30-45) The milkman who guides a seventeen-year-old horse named Bessie.
  • Joe Crowell, Jr. – (8-13) Joe is the paper boy in the first act and also during the flashback, when Emily returns to life.
  • Si Crowell – (8-13) Joe’s younger brother, who takes Joe’s job as paper boy in Act II to indicate the passage of time.
  • Samuel “Sam” Craig – (23-35) The son of Julia Gibbs’ sister Carey, he comes back from Buffalo after twelve years’ absence. He provides exposition in the last act.
  • Joe Stoddard– (30-50) The town undertaker, who provides background information in the third act.
  • Constable Bill Warren – (30-50) The town law enforcement officer, whose duties require him to be sure that doors are locked and that drain pipes are adequate.
  • Professor Willard – (35-65) A faculty member of State University who recites facts about Grover’s Corners.

Ages included above are for the look of the character, not necessarily the age of the actor.