Saturday, August 1, 2015


WHERE: Single Carrot Theatre, 600 N. Howard Street, Baltimore (Entrance on 26th Street) Free parking available in adjacent lot and on 26th street.

Phoebe In Winter
By Jen Silverman
September 23, 2015-October 18, 2015
In a war-torn world, whom can you trust? A family’s central dynamic is forced to make irreversible shifts when an unexpected visitor arrives at their doorway. This haunting, violent, and often hilarious examination of familial bonds in a fantastical post-war universe sheds new light onto what it truly means to be the new girl.
Part of the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival.

World Premiere.

The Year of the Rooster
By Eric Dufault
December 9, 2015-January 10, 2016
You said, “More shows with chickens!” and we heard you. Loosely inspired by the Odysseus myth, The Year of the Rooster takes us unabashedly and unconventionally into the filthy world of cockfighting. Hapless fast-food pusher, Gil, delves deeper and deeper into the business of pitting animal against animal in this acid-tongued comedy. Without guidance, he may lose his grasp on all that’s dear to him, including his relationship with the very bird he’s trained to fight like a champion. Regional Premiere.

Created By Single Carrot Theatre
Script by Genevieve de Mahy
March 2- 27, 2016
If you opened a suitcase from a stranger from long ago, what stories would emerge? In an all-new, original production, Single Carrot Theatre is looking into the past— right in our backyard. With a focus on the Mid-Atlantic region in the 1920s, history is recreated. Myriad suitcases and steamer trunks reveal people’s secrets, and piece together the story of what makes up a life. World Premiere.

By Ben Hoover
June 1-26, 2016
As the threat of aging and eventual disintegration starts to overcome Beck, her life begins to slither into an otherworldly fantasia. The ordinary struggles of young womanhood become anything but as she wades through ever-increasing mysteries in this ethereal psychological thriller. With ever-increasing eeriness and fledgling relationships, can Beck find solid ground, or have the misfiring synapses in her brain affected the outcome of her life permanently? World Premiere.

The Single Carrot Flip Side
Single Carrot is no stranger to risk-taking and we love any opportunity to explore unconventional art forms and expand our definition of what it means to be “theatre”. With our eye toward theatrical innovation that excites and inspires our audience and our artists, we’re creating an all-new series to compliment our Main Season.  Immersive, interactive, site-specific, and full of the good stuff that celebrates humanity— laughter, song, movement, and mania— The Single Carrot Flip Side is designed to take what you think you know about performance and flip it on its head.

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