Friday, August 28, 2015


Images left to right: Errol S. Willett, Scott Ziegler, and Eileen Greene Braun



Baltimore Clayworks'


In the Galleries: Malcolm Davis Tribute, Refugee Youth Project, Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower Partner Show

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to announce its 35TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW and three new exhibitions in our galleries starting September 4 at 6PM. The opening reception is Friday, September 4 from 6-8PM. This event is free and open to the public. 

The anniversary exhibition, juried by co-founder and former executive director Deborah Bedwell, will represent 35 years of high quality ceramic arts programming by including the ceramic works of the founding artists and past and present resident artists, workshop artists, interns, exhibitors and students. We are very excited to showcase functional and sculptural ceramics by the talented artists who have contributed greatly to the Baltimore Clayworks' story!  This exhibition will be up through October 9th.  

FEATURED ARTISTS: Elka Adamowicz (MD), Adrian Arleo (MT), John Arnot (NY), Ronni Aronin (MD), Lorna Awalt (MD), Posey Bacopoulos (NY), Doug Baldwin (MT), Patty Bilbro (MD),  Brad Blair (MD), Margaret Boozer (DC), Lucy Breslin (ME), Angelique Brickner (NC), Jessica Broad (GA), Carol Brody (NY), Patrick Timothy Caughey (MD), Ray Chen (ME), Bede Clarke (MO), Richard Cleaver (MD), Mary K. Cloonan (MD),  Jean Cohen (MD), Laura Cohen (MD), Christopher Corson, (MD), Boyce Covert (GA), Cynthia Deitch (DC), Blaise DePaolo (MD), Paul Donnelly (MO), Scott Dooley (OH), Jim Dugan (MD), Trevor Dunn (FL), Lynn Duryea (ME),  Irina Elashvili (MD), David Epstein (MD), Brooke Evans (NY), Nicole Fall (MD),Ben Freund (MD), Yoshi Fujii (MD), Julia Galloway (MT), John Gazurian (MD), Tina Gebhart (PA), Susan Gladstone (MD), Carol Grant (MD),  Krista Grecco (GA), Eileen Greene Braun (GA), Jewell Gross Brennerman (VA), Pat Halle (MD), Mia Halton (MD), Rain Harris (MO), Aisha Harrison (MO), Craig Hartenberger (MO), Ann Hazels (CA), Stephen Heywood (FL), Steve Hilton (TX), Gregory Holmes (MD), Richard Holt (MD), Bryan Hopkins (NY),  Matthew Hyleck (MD), Walter Hyleck (KY), Shin Yeon Jeon (MD), Nick Joerling (NC), Mark Johnson (ME), Suzanne Kent (MD),  Kristen Kieffer (MA), Jessica Knapp (OH), Trisha Kyner (MD), Stephen Lally (VA), Martina Lantin (VT), Haejung Lee (LA), Glynnis Lessing (MN), Suze Lindsay (MN), Elizabeth Lockett (MD),  Rebecca Lowery (IN), Allison Luce (NC), Rachel Lundak (MD), Frank Richard Martinn (TN), Laura Jean McLaughlin (PA), Brad McLemore (OR), Paul McMullan (NH), Sonya Meeker (MD), Ron Meyers (GA), Leigh Taylor Mickelson (NY), Abigail Milner (MD), Matthew Mitros (AL), Lynne Molner (MD), Nancy Nasrallah (MD), Antoinette Nero (MD), Brooke Noble (NY), Lisa Orr (TX), Helen Otterson (ND), Michael Poness (MD), Nick Ramey (MD), Theresa Reuter (MD), Maman Rikin (MD), Kevin Rohde (MD), Suzan Rouse (MD), Gary Schlappal (MD), Volker Schoenfleiss (MD), Pat Scull (NC), Mark Shapiro (MA), Janathal Shaw (MD), Tim Sherman (VA), Debbie Sigel (PA), Marsha Slater (VA), Collette Smith (NJ), Kevin Snipes (OH), Marlene Sokoloski-Sandler (MD), Missy Steele (MD), Anthony Stellaccio (MD), Kourtney Stone (MD), Charlie Tefft (NC), Jeremy Wallace (MD), Sam Wallace (MD), Julia Walther (DC), Lars Westby (MD), Errol Willett (NY), Travis Winters (MD), Denise Woodward-Detrich (SC), Scott Ziegler (NC).

A special exhibition in our Solo Gallery will honor the life and work of ceramic artist Malcolm Davis. Davis became a full-time studio potter in 1984 when he left his previous life as campus minister. Davis is internationally recognized for his eponymous carbon-trap Shino, present in studios across the country and for his wit and warm mentorship. As a former resident during the early years of Baltimore Clayworks, he developed his famous surface here and continued to share his knowledge through writing, teaching and exhibiting. "What we do with the clay," he said in 2010, "what we create with our hands, what we offer from our spirits may not end racism or stop injustice, but it may just help keep our culture human."

In partnership with Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, we are excited to present the work of several talented artists who have studios at this facility. Clayworks' Project Space will feature artwork by Kathryn Holt (digital art & mixed medium), Janet Little Jeffers (photography), Kate Jurney (mixed medium), Elizabeth Sullivan (oil/acrylic abstracts). Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore and was renovated in 2008 into a tower for visual and literary artists.

In the Community Arts Gallery, see artwork created by refugee youth from one of our community arts partners—Baltimore City Community College's Refugee Youth Project (RYP). The RYP currently serves more than 300 refugees between the ages of 4 and 21 from over 17 countries.

*These three exhibitions close a week earlier, on October 3rd, than the main exhibition.

And don't miss the grand re-opening of The Shop at Clayworks where Baltimore buys craft on September 18th at 6pm. The newly revamped shop now includes contemporary crafts, in addition to the high quality ceramics we have always carried, gifts and more.

Images left to right: Malcolm Davis, Kathryn Holt, mandalas created by RYP students at Moravia Park Primary School

Baltimore Clayworks is a not-for-profit ceramic art center located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. Founded in 1980, Clayworks is housed in two reclaimed and renovated buildings located across the street from one another.  This organization offers classes, artists' spaces, exhibitions, and programs throughout the community.  Gallery hours are 10AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday, and 12-5PM Saturday through Sunday.  For more information call Baltimore Clayworks at 410-578-1919 or visit our website,