Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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Society Wishes To Document Protests, Unrest and Cleanup Efforts in Baltimore

The Maryland Historical Society has issued a public call for images from professional and amateur photographers in order to document the Freddie Gray protests, unrest and cleanup efforts in Baltimore. "We believe this is an important topic for public history," says MdHS President Burt Kummerow. "We have the resources to interpret these events as well as what has happened in the past."

Images may be submitted to the Maryland Historical Society through Dropbox at Remembrance@mdhs.org.

Submissions should your name, email address, date and location that images were taken, and camera type/model.

The photographic images will become part of a digital collection that will be housed on a Wordpress website maintained by The Maryland Historical Society. By submitting images to the Society, photographers should be assured that they are not waiving their rights to these images. The Maryland Historical Society hopes to make these images available for viewing by the general public, the Maryland State Archives and the National Archives.

In addition, the Maryland Historical Society will also be collecting objects and oral histories from protestors and civil rights leaders in Baltimore.

"Through its 286-year history, Baltimore has seen its share of triumphs and setbacks, wars, depressions, mobs and spectaculars," says Kummerow, "The Maryland Historical Society believes that one thing is certain: it is the people of Baltimore who give this city its great name. We made America the home of the brave 200 years ago, and we are known as the birthplace of the Nation's Anthem today. The Maryland Historical Society is committed to healing and reconciliation in the community it loves."

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