Sunday, May 24, 2015


Curated by Sarah McCann

In the Galleries: Sam Wallace, Jubilee Arts Mosaic, Creativity, Craft, Community and Change  

WHEN: Exhibition on view May 16 - July 4, 2015
Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Ave., Baltimore


What do artists do with broken pieces? Ceramic artists experience breakage every day. Mosaic artists use broken pieces to create. Putting the Pieces Together, curated by Sarah McCann, is an exhibition responding to the question asked of artists of all mediums: How do we put things back together when they break?  Sometimes breakage is purposeful, like cracking an egg for breakfast. Sometimes it is unintentional like breaking someone's heart. Some things were broken through a violent history and after many generations still need to be healed. The cement and grout that is used to adhere broken pieces of tile, mirror and mixed media make beautiful objects that hold meaning not just as a whole, but in each piece used to create the image or sculpture they become. The artists that work in this art form weave together personal stories and larger narratives of the histories that we share. Work in this show will speak of things that are broken and illustrate how we as individuals and a community work to put the pieces back together.    

Artists: Gary Beaumont (IL), Peggy Breidenbach (IN), William Caesar (MD), Youth Dreamers and Danielle Chi (MD), Students from ConneXions Community Leadership Academy and Christine Stiver (MD), Graham Coreil-Allen (MD), Patrick S. Crabb (CA), E. Blaise DePaolo (MD), Oasa DuVerney (NY), Shana R. Goetsch (MD), Mathis (NY), Mia Halton (MD), Cinder Hypki (MD), Jared Jaffe (PA), Sallah Jenkins (MD), Chris Leonard (TX), Herb Massie (MD), Gino Parisi (MD), Tamara Payne (MD), Refugee Youth Project and Clare Shreve (MD), Dominic Terlizzi (MD), Charles Timm-Ballard (WA), Alice M. Yutzy (MD)

Putting the Pieces Together Programmatic Events: Curated by Jennifer Gray, events will include: artist talks, networking sessions, resources for artists, theater performances, a New Public Sites tour and more. Visit for dates and additional information.

Also on view in the Solo Gallery, resident artist SAM WALLACE is presenting an exhibition of traditional Jamaican folk art that employ coil building and soft slab construction.

In the Community Arts Gallery, Community Arts Director and 2014 Mary E. Nyburg Award recipient, LAURA COHEN, presents Creativity, Craft, Community & Change - visual reflections of a cross-country travel residency, in which she investigated and experienced how community arts, clay and other initiatives develop, build and transcend individuals and communities across the United States. Included alongside Cohen's work will be artwork from artists and studios she visited across the United States.

JUBILEE ARTS MOSAIC will be featured in the Project Space. View pieces of the 36 foot mosaic mural that will be installed on the fa├žade of Jubilee Arts later this year. Jubilee Arts is a Clayworks' Clay for All! satellite studio. Lead artist Dominique Hellgeth will present photos of the process that included over 100 artists and volunteers and that created a mosaic celebrating the vibrant history of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Baltimore Clayworks is a not-for-profit ceramic art center located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. Founded in 1980, Clayworks is housed in two reclaimed and renovated buildings located across the street from one another.  This organization offers classes, artists' spaces, exhibitions, and programs throughout the community.

Gallery hours are 10 AM – 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and 12-5 PM Saturday through Sunday. 

For more information call Baltimore Clayworks at 410-578-1919 or visit our website,