Friday, January 9, 2015


gameshow logoAUDITION NOTICE: The Jewish Theatre Workshop Presents

by Lew Riley

WHEN: Jan 25, 1-4 PM; Jan 26, 6-9 PM, Jan 27, 6-9 PM or by special appointment
Weinberg Park Heights JCC, 5700 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

Performances dates: Aug 2, 9, 16. Potential for additional weeknight performance
Rehearsals: Table read mid-February, Rehearsal begin in June

Inquiries: Etan Weintraub, Director, or call the JTW Hotline at 410.709.8589

All roles available:

  • Brad Bowers - King of the Mountain's emcee. An aging MC. Wears a plastic smile on his face and a too-hairy toupee on his head, doesn't see very well, but doesn't want to wear glasses.
  • Heidi - The Mountain Girl. A buxomy young lass. Like many game show hostesses, Heidi is longer on looks than intelligence.
  • Larry Steele - The contenstant coordinator. A nice-looking man in his early thirties.
  • Kathy Burns - The production assistant. An attractive woman in her mid-twenties.
  • William Baron - The producer. Late 50's to early 60's.
  • Bill McGuffie - A sergeant in the army. Early forties military man.
  • Ethel Tinsley - A housewife/author. Middle-aged, bubbly.
  • Nedra Krebs - A senator's assistant. A young woman.
  • Steve Nystrom - A student filmmaker. Early to mid-twenties, very smart, and very good-looking.
  • Dolly Perkins - An older woman, close to sixty-five with gray hair and wrinkles, acts very young at heart.


This comedy goes behind the scenes and then in front of the cameras as it follows five fascinating contestants: a fidgety Vietnam veteran; a know-it-all senator's assistant; a cocky young filmmaker; a dizzy housewife/author; and a bubbly senior citizen, from the time they meet backstage at a popular game show until one of them wins the grand prize.

Who wins the big money is one of Game Show's several compelling subplots. Another is the possibility of a rekindled romance between one of the contestants and the show's production assistant. And then there are the hilarious antics of the game show's narcissistic emcee and his beautiful bimbo of an assistant.

Who was the only bachelor president? What boy dubbed Lauren Becall's voice when she sang in To Have and Have Not? What was unusual about Babe Ruth's uniform when he hit 60 home runs? These and other intriguing questions are answered during Game Show, a warm and witty look at an American institution, the television game show.