Sunday, December 7, 2014


Jack Wright and Zach Darrup

Dan Breen and Sam Burt

WHEN: Sunday, December 7; Doors open at 8:30 PM; Show at 9:00 PM
WHERE:  The Red Room at Normals Books and Records, 31st Street at Greenmount Ave., Baltimore

Two extraordinary duos, one entertaining night. Breen and Burt will open the night with all the unpredictable mayhem you have come to expect. Visiting from Pennsylvania, Jack Wright (fresh from this year's High Zero Festival) and Zach Darrup will ramp up the auditory action. Wry grins, gritty sounds, full blown experimentalism. It doesn't get better than this.

You know you love Jack Wright, and we certainly do, especially because, when he comes through, he brings some of the most exciting, talented performers of experimental music. While our original website listing stated he'd be bringing an astonishing three great musicians for a visit, winter's vapors intervened with a spot of illness. Fear not, Zachary Darrup is all the Christmas present we need! Plus, it's given us the chance to give you a bonus gift, a set between musical pranksters Dan Breen and Sam Burt!

clip_image001Jack Wright (Easton, PA):
Described twenty years ago as an "undergrounder by design," Jack Wright has been a saxophone improviser traveling through the US and Europe since the early 80s in search of interesting partners and playing situations. Now at 72 he is still the "Johnny Appleseed of Free Improvisation," as guitarist Davey Williams called him. His range is from fiery, breathless free jazz to quiet, breath-filled, and often animalistic sounds. A reviewer for the Washington Post said, "In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king".

Zachary Darrup (Philadelphia):
Zachary Darrup is an improvising guitarist currently living in Philadelphia. During his early teenage years in the dismal coal region of Pennsylvania a strange boy appeared like an angel, carrying a large cd booklet of wild musics of all sorts. This chance meeting at a pizza shop, plus tumultuous relationships with his home turf, school teachers, and other agents of law and rule enforcement led Zach to drop out and skip town, devoting himself to following music wherever it would take him--somewhere else. Zach's techniques are informed by the musical possibilities of film language, jovial mockery and mimicry of plants, animals, and audience members, thoughtful room listening, word play, colors, and culinary experiments.

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