Wednesday, October 1, 2014



WHEN: Saturday, October 4; Doors Open at 8:30 PM
The Red Room,C/o. Normals Books and Records, 425 E. 31st St. , Baltimore

The Red Room is proud to present Olivia Block, one of the most interesting electro-acoustic composers of our time, in a Baltimore premier of her work "Dissolution," along with a unique opening performance by Baltimore inventor Caleb Johnston.

Superb Chicago electro acoustic musician Oliva Block creates electroacoustic sound compositions for performance, recordings, installations, cinema, orchestra and chamber music concerts. Her solo performances include partially improvised pieces for electronics and amplified objects, presented in a slow and deliberate gestural style that Steve Smith of the New York Times described recently as having   “palpable sensations of volition and emotional involvement.” Her compositions often combine field recordings, chamber instruments and electronic textures. In addition to her compositions for solo recordings and performances, Block creates multimedia works for sounds and video and writes scores for large ensemble, string quartet, and orchestra. She will perform Dissolution.

Dissolution is a solo performance piece composed mainly of pre-recorded unscripted conversations from personal recordings, live feeds and field recordings. These dialogues are layered, obscured and revealed through various live processing techniques. At most points in the piece, there are no intelligible words, only somewhat recognizable linguistic and emotional sound-patterns and inflections. There are small, fleeting glimpses of language, only to be submerged into a haze of patterns again. Field recordings from various sites are also brought in and out of the mix.
Live processing techniques include the utilization of communication-related instruments, both vintage and modern, including noisy vintage walkie-talkies, analog processing devices, and analog micro-cassette recorders. Other instruments in the piece include amplified autoharp, amplified metal objects, and small electronic instruments. Dissolution is both a sound/musical performance and a personal meditation about the failings and complications of sound-communication—the misunderstandings and mistranslations, interference and disruptions.

Opening up is local mad scientist inventor Caleb Johnston from Baltimore's spirited WEST SIDE (Proprietor of THE BANK). Caleb will be performing on his new invention called the VC REV-VAR LOOP which allows control voltages to drive tapes speeds, creating unusual sound possibilities.

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