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Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Ave., Baltimore


Feeling boxed in by the norm of everyday life? Tired of mindless routine? Shake things up this fall! In clay you can set your own rules - or don't follow any! That is the beauty of creative process.

Below, and on our website, you'll find many opportunities to break out of your shell and express yourself artistically through clay. We offer one day, 6 week or 12 week courses.

Here's a snapshot of just a few classes; for a complete list of over 20 topics visit our website!

Date Night: Hand-building - Wine, Stein or Demitasse Cups

WHEN: Friday, 7-10 PM, OCT 10, DN10

Clay for two is an experience that can bring people closer through shared creative art-making. Couples will experience this class taught by professional and patient instructors. Participants will use the basic principles of hand-building - pinch, soft slab, coil and stamp—while having fun in our relaxed classroom environment. Instructor: Mary Cloonan

Basic Wheel Sampler: a wheel tease 


  • Monday, 10 AM –1 PM, SEPT 22 - OCT 27, BWS1   
  • Monday, 7-10 PM, SEPT 22 - OCT 27, BWS2
  • Tuesday, 7-10 PM, SEPT 23 - OCT 28, BWS3
  • Monday, 10 AM –1 PM, NOV 10 - DEC 15, BWS4
  • Monday, 7-10 PM, NOV 10 - DEC 15, BWS5
  • Tuesday, 7-10 PM, NOV 11 - DEC 16, BWS6

This course offers new students a 6-week introduction to the potter's wheel. This class is designed for those students who are unable to commit to a full length class but still wish to have an extended studio clay experience. Participants will experience basic methods of centering clay, forming cylinder and bowl forms, trimming and adding handles. Instructors: various 

Pottery Foundations: an introduction to Hand-building

WHEN: Sunday, 6-9 PM, SEPT 21 - OCT 26, PF1, Sunday, 6-9 PM, NOV 9 - DEC 14, PF2

In these 6-weeks, participants will gain a basic understanding of ceramic hand-building techniques as well as surface treatment using slips and glazes. Students will explore a variety of forms utilizing pinch, coil and slab construction methods to create functional vessel forms, decorative ceramic wall hanging pieces or low-level relief.

Instructor: Jeremy Wallace 

Figure and Form II: Intermediate / Advanced Life Modeling

WHEN: Wednesday, 7-10 PM, SEPT 17 - DEC 17, HB7

Students with moderate experience working with the figure will sculpt from a live model in a 12-week studio course. Class will consist of demonstrations of advanced building techniques coupled with introductory anatomical study.

Instructor: Kevin Rohde 

Focus on Form: Lidded Vessel

WHEN: Tuesday, 7-10 PM, SEPT 23 - DEC 9, ST6

This 12-week course will focus on the utility of lidded forms and a range of methods for crafting a variety of lids. Students will learn to craft lids that fit well and compliment the form and function of a particular piece.  Demonstrations that will focus on the use of 3 primary lid styles - recessed inset, flanged and rose covered - to create a range of functional containers including but not limited to; sugar & spice jars, oval lids, canister sets, casseroles, bubble boxes and more!  Instructor: Jim Dugan

Breakfast of Champions: Matching Cups, Bowls and Plates

WHEN: Thursday, 10 AM-1 PM, SEPT 18 - DEC 18, ST8

In this 12-week class we will give cups and bowls the attention they deserve. The cup is the most intimate of all functional ceramic forms while the bowl is the most versatile. These forms may serve as either utilitarian or metaphorical vessel, symbolic of achievement or simply quenching one's thirst and hunger. Crafting these vessels demand consideration to the shape, volume, lip, foot, handle, surface and ultimately the user. Instructor: Matt Hyleck

Ornamentation: Hand-made Holiday Ornaments

WHEN: Saturday, 10 AM-1 PM, SEPT 20 - OCT 18, ST10

In this 4-week session students will create unique and whimsical ornaments to be used as holiday decorations and gifts. Combining porcelain and colorful underglaze students will create one-of-a-kind ornaments or they may choose to design and produce multiples or their original designs.  Instructor: Peggy Fowler




Join us for a slideshow presented by Bryan Hopkins. Bryan, who will be conducting a workshop Porcelain Vessels from Function to Dysfunction at Clayworks on August 16-17, will share his process and love affair with porcelain.  Click here to RSVP. 



Deb Bedwell and Patty Bilbro

The Ivy Bookshop, 6080 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209 

Do you think ceramics is an "art form" or a "craft"? Get the perspectives from master makers...

Join Baltimore Clayworks and The Ivy Bookshop for the first Ceramic Masters Speaking Series. Deb Bedwell, co-founder and Baltimore Clayworks former Executive Director and Patty Bilbro, resident artist will discuss form, function and the creative process. Hear their thoughts on what makes a good cup/bowl/teapot, why hand-made is important and how they nurture their own and others' creative process. 

Click here to purchase tickets for this exciting event!


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