Monday, July 21, 2014


Red Room Tuesday: Jason Lescalleet, Terence Hannum and Charles Dube

WHEN: Tuesday, July 22, doors at 8:30, show at 9:00 PM
The Red Room, 425 E. 31ST STREET, BALTIMORE, located in
Normals Books and Records

Three sonic alchemists do their thing their way at the Red Room!

A few words about Mr. Lescalleet from Minister of Information Ben Kudler:
'Misunderstandings, half baked conclusions, and a wide array of idiocy surrounds the productions of music without melody, especially in the United States. Jason Lescalleet is an ...United Statesian, an American, artist. These sort of wandering and wholly stupid gripes of his audience could, in some, possibly idiotic, way be called his instrument. Shrouded in mystery and an explosive earnestness and clarity, Lescalleet engineers his music, using the space he is recording or performing in, as well as the minor rooms of the listener's body and expectations.

His two most recent major releases, "Songs About Nothing" and with Graham Lambkin, "Photographs" (a mysterious exploration through the recording process of the record and the two artist's parallel lives), Lescalleet has inserted tricks, trapdoors, false exits and a large constellation of heavily crafted secrets that in their discovery allow the listener to challenge one's own perception of the music. The aforementioned earnestness and clarity is seen in his use of recordings from his life, moments of joy and sadness—although both these words do not do justice to the emotional complexity Lescalleet weaves in his recordings can be seen through sampling his daughter singing to his dying father on "The Pilgrim" and the elegantly simple titled albums, "This Is What I Do" and "Electronic Music."

Further evidence of clarity and earnestness is found in references and whole sale sampling of beloved recordings (Big Black, Brian Eno, Robert Ashley, Tony Conrad, Miley Cyrus, Die Antwoord and many more). And this is just his solo music, because, he is playing solo, at this event, after all. Longer t reatises and voyages through his unique sonic landscape could be written about his collaborations with Joe Colley, Nmperign (Greg Kelley and Bhob Rainey), Graham Lambkin, Aaron Dilloway, and more.

Phew! More from the horse's mouth here:

Terence Hannum, Sondheim semi-finalist and member of avant-metal unit Locrian, has made a splash locally since relocating from Chicago. 

Vids here:


High Zero's 2014 poster child Charles Dube is one of Baltimore's most slyly subversive and least classifible musicians.  He is a member of late, great synthesizer trio Hobo's Greed, stalwart of the local noise/experimental scene and resident at Tribal House, one of its last unsanctioned bastions.  Although he is no stranger to the Red Room, it is impossible to predict what flavor of interesting we will be delectating this night.