Thursday, May 29, 2014


Edgefest Starts Friday! Improv Collaborations Galore!

Friday night: improv, beat-boxing, cartooning & body-painting

The Baltimore Improv Group's first-ever Edgefest debuts this weekend! Friday night's shows are amazing: At 8 PM watch Minority Re'port mash-up improv with famed beat-boxer Shodekeh, and then a group of BIG all-stars hits the stage for improv comedy & live cartooning from the awesome Economist cartoonist KAL!

At 9:30 PM, BIG improvisers mash-up improv comedy with body-painting in
"Skinesthesia"! You'll see the body-painted scenes become real characters.

Tickets for 8 PM
Tickets for 9:30 PM

WHERE: St. Mary's Outreach Grand Hall in Hampden, at 3900 Roland Avenue, Baltimore

Two Edgefest Shows Saturday Night!

Secrets, wordless improv with Karen Wight, then improv & dance!

At 7 PM - what happens when you build a show with amazing improvisers, a director from the London stage, and an improvisational dancer? Magic! Then watch BIG all-stars team up with the talented Karen Wight of NYC for a totally silent hysterical improv set.

At 8:30 PM BIG all-stars join The Collective dance troupe for yet another fun serving of The Movement—improv comedy combined with modern dance.

Tickets for 7 PM
Tickets for 8:30 PM

BONUS - Community improv jam on May 31 at 9:30 PM!
Join Deep Vision Dance Company, the Edgefest performers, and the music, dance, and improv community for spontaneous dance, music, art making and observation of human nature—special Edgefest version!! Pay what you can.

WHERE: St. Mary's Outreach Grand Hall in Hampden, at 3900 Roland Avenue, Baltimore

Edgefest Workshops! 

3 workshops on May 31

From beginners contact improv, to beat-boxing with Shodekeh, to improvised movement on stage—this weekend's Edgefest Workshops will be a blast. Have you signed up yet?