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Donald Edwards Kate MacKinnon Neither Here Nor There at Creative Alliance

Kate MacKinnon / Donald Edwards

Neither Here Nor There

WHEN: December 13-January 18; Opening Reception Friday December 13 / 5:30 - 7:30 PM; Gallery Talk: Saturday January 11 @ 1 PM
WHERE: THE CREATIVE ALLIANCE, 3134 Eastern Avenue Baltimore

About Neither Here Nor There

Neither Here, Nor There represents the first time Kate MacKinnon and Donald Edwards have exhibited together, despite having known each other for over two decades, and even once having shared a studio space.  Artistically unique unto themselves, their work has found a common ground in the subject and site of landscape. 

For this exhibition, Creative Alliance Resident Artist Kate MacKinnon creates abstract paintings with references to nature and landscape, though the surfaces belay any tendency towards a natural appearance.  The glossy, slick surfaces, rich with color, often explore the picture plane with an emphasis on formal considerations.  Recalling long road trips, and the flattening of landscape that passes by the car window, MacKinnon here explores the tension and romanticism embedded in that flattening process.  The result is a series of paintings that are seamless and smooth, representing an overwhelming sense of the familiar, imbuing a sense of déjà vu within the viewer of perhaps having visited once before.  Kate MacKinnon received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1992 and her Masters of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2003.  Kate's paintings have been widely exhibited throughout the United States and are in the collections of Maryland General Hospital, Hilton Hotels Corporation, as well as numerous private collections.

Donald Edwards is an artist, collector and hoarder living in Baltimore.  Edwards is known for his sculptural collages of found objects, wrapped tightly in wire.  Usually dedicated to making objects from popular culture from these collections, he turns his eye in Neither Here, Nor There towards the layers of earth one might see in a cross-section of the earth's crust.  His giant, site-specific, sculptural construction centered in the middle of the gallery will reflect on contemporary society's impact on the layer of the earth's crust in which we currently reside.  His process involves collecting material from thrift stores, yard sales, out of dumpsters, from free stuff left on the side of the road, and saving things from work and home that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.  He strings objects and wraps detritus together with twine, yarn, and wire salvaged from abandoned electronics to make new objects from old parts. These reinvented forms are made of all the disposable products that litter our homes, streets and lives.  His work draws attention to "our fetishization of consumer culture."  Neither Here, Nor There will be a rare opportunity to see the artist play with a significantly expanded terrain.  Donald Edwards grew up in the artist colony of Provincetown Massachusetts and received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of art in 1993.  Edwards' work has previously been exhibited in several venues in Provincetown and in Baltimore.

Gallery Hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM

Donald Edwards, detail

Statement from Kate MacKinnon

In January of 2009 I drove across the country from Baltimore to Portland Oregon. I was accompanying a friend who was moving to start a new job in ten days.  

We spent eight days in her Prius, stopping only to refuel and stretch our legs (while walking her Italian Greyhound), and finally after twelve hours of driving daily, to sleep. When I wasn't behind the wheel, I was documenting the landscape in hundreds of photos. Looking at the images after the trip was over; I was fascinated by these endless vistas that were quite often interrupted by this man-made geometry. Road signs, trucks, trains, all this jarring stuff in my way.  When you are constantly moving, you don't get to frame the perfect shot!

These images have been playing in my head for almost four years.  The dramatic landscape of the Southwestern leg of our travels, but more importantly the interesting juxtaposition of those man made interruptions became the genesis of these paintings.

My work in Neither Here Nor There is a response to the shapes and colors of those images, but also an exploration of the polarity of illusionistic space and the two-dimensional picture plane.

images: details from works by both Kate MacKinnon & Donald Edwards; second image, detail from one of Donald Edwards wall sculptures