Monday, October 7, 2013




WHEN: October 8, 8:30 PM door/9 PM show
The Red Room @ Normals Bookshop, 425 E. 31st St. Baltimore



bAgg*fisH performs feedbacking sax and percussion improv supported by Radiator Greys (Josh Levi from DC) emanates experimental electronic imrovised noise.

Michael Fischer (*1963), Viennese improviser/instant composition conductor; after finishing institutional studies in Vienna in 1990 expanded exploration of the saxophone and the harmony theory in jazz; his musical language is also based on studies of European improvised music, neue musik, free jazz and noise. By exploring the language immanency of sound, including the phenomenon of the feedback (since 1999). Michael Fischer is permanently working on new contextualization of the saxophone, f.i. developing the feedback saxophone. In 2005 he founded the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra which has one focus on merging spoken experimental poetry and musical textures; instant composition conducting also for other improvising orchestras / choir at festivals in Spain, Japan, Germany, Austria; last November for Wien Modern.

Marcos Baggiani (*1973), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started drumming at the age of 8.Seduced by different music genres (listening grunge and South-American folk, funk and free jazz) and influenced by his early contact with jazz-men in Argentina, he learned different music style s and played with many bands and projects. In 2001, after years of musical development in Bs.As. he moved to Amsterdam where he completed his formal studies (Master/Jazz) at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Enlightened by his encounter with the impro-music scene in Amsterdam, Marcos evolved as a very creative and powerful musician, versatile and joyful, working on sound and communication as basic tools for improvisation. Nowadays he’s co-leading The Ambush Party, the CBG and bAgg*fiscH. Also remarkable is his work with Lily’s déjà vu or the "Royal Improvisers Orchestra."

When two artists of this caliber team up with such an open and experimental music appreciation, then you can certainly expect anything but the ordinary. Both highly respected and innovative minds of the international improvisation and electro-acoustic scene stand out as the perfect duo for overcoming all sorts of musical and stylistic terms and definitions.

Radiator Greys