Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Whistling Mortician
Cloud of Fools Theater Company

WHEN: Friday, September 6 – Sunday, September 8
WHERE: Theatre Project, 45 West Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland
TICKETS: $22; $17 seniors/military/artists; $12 students
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Appropriate for all ages.

“When the powers of death crop up at every turn, what else can one do but whistle?” Like the holy fools before him and the characters of Chaplin and Keaton a couple generations later, The Whistling Mortician postulates the life of a puckish Prussian laborer living in the hotbed of 1870’s Alsace-Lorraine. One fateful day following the Franco-Prussian war, he whistles the wrong national anthem up and down the streets of town—and directly into trouble. Fleeing to far-off countries and meeting colorful characters all the way, he finds himself drawn towards the work that will define his life.

Using some sticks, a bit of foam board and our selves, the world of The Whistling Mortician will traverse whole continents and oceans as it unfurls the whimsical journey of our hero. Music, death, war and waltzing: we’re curious to see just how significantly a simple tune can change a life.

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What New York Audiences Said About The Whistling Mortician

  • "A silent film come alive."
  • "Extraordinary! The energy, creativity, quality of performance—all amazing! From the lead performer to every other member of cast, this was a collaboration of creativity, meaning and rigorous preparation. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh and imaginative theater experience"
  • "The Whistling Mortician is a meditation on the trials of Everyman. Ingenious choreography and a clever homage to the art of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin."
  • "The Whistling Mortician provoked great conversation, sheer enjoyment, and even debate after the show. Theater lovers (by that I mean those who love the art form itself) will find this an unforgettable ensemble performance."
  • "The actors and team of The Whistling Mortician have made a significant contribution to the landscape of American theater with their thoroughly engaging physical prowess."
  • "It is outrageously funny. The physicality and endurance of the ensemble is impressive. Jon Froehlich is a master of his craft and an utter delight to watch."