Thursday, June 20, 2013


jordan faye contemporaryTwo Exhibitions Opening in June!

Structures at the Edge of Infinity
Magnolia Laurie / Nora Sturges / Lat Naylor / Cynthia Ona Innis

WHEN: June 27 - August 13, 2013
center gallery

Detail views (left to right) :: Nora Sturges, Tank, Cynthia Ona Innis, Sunset, Lat Naylor, stack #11, Magnolia Laurie, in the space between the reality of things, echo

Structures at the Edge of Infinity is an exhibition of scenes, landscapes, and constructions. These four artists explore the human search into infinity. We build, we try to understand, we persist in grasping for stability and insight in the face of a vast world. Our vulnerability and our longing comes through, in tenuous moments of transformation and meditations on the edges of civilization and nature.

Cynthia Ona Innis's pieces depict vast landscapes, scenes of action and change found through man's need to explore natural phenomena; they are worlds captured in a flash of light. Magnolia Laurie's paintings take the form of anonymous terrains with a human presence- their graphic constructions paired with painterly strokes call to mind fragility and the persistence of people against unpredictable forces. Nora Sturges's petite paintings seem almost from a storybook, but they have eerie twists as symbolic fragments of civilization's constructions meet a cold and vast natural environment. Lat Naylor's sculpture brings tenuous physical elements into the space of the gallery. His modules, created from salvaged materials, are built into structures that are both vulnerable and meditative. All of these artists touch on the human need to create, explore, build, and persist through uncertain conditions.

This exhibition pairs artists from both coasts, bringing a taste of San Francisco to Baltimore; Cynthia Ona Innis is a Bay Area artist showing nationally, Magnolia Laurie currently lives and works in Baltimore but spent time in the Bay Area before coming here and studying at MICA, Nora Sturges lives and works in Baltimore and has exhibited nationally, and Lat Naylor, a Baltimore native, spent 10 years in San Francisco before returning to Maryland to focus on his work.

Structures at the Edge of Infinity is curated by Willa Frazer and Jordan Faye Block as part of the Artscape Gallery Network 2013. Join us for the Opening Reception June 27, 6:30 - 9:30 PM. We will also host a Sondheim Announcement Reception After-Party July 13, 8:30 -10:30 PM

Willa Frazer/from this heavenly body

WHEN: June 27 - August 13, 2013
west gallery

Willa Frazer, Nine Objects Study (the one with the blue), 2013, colored pencil, acrylic and silver gelatin photogram on panel, 8 x 8 x 1 inches

Willa Frazer, Nine Objects Study (the one with the gold corner), 2013, acrylic and silver gelatin photogram on panel, 6 x 6 x 1 inches

About from this heavenly body

When looking at the new works of Willa Frazer, the first words that pop into my mind are electric and eclectic. They have a certain energy and buzz of life to them. The black and white contrast of forms that have been captured in the dark are striking against the softly-applied paint &/or colored pencil shading and line she has surrounded them with. The thick wooden panels she is working on have been thoughtfully considered as well because the color and objects that appear on the face of the panels wrap around the entire surface to create a unique three-dimensional mini-installation in one piece. 

This young artist is an old soul—and her work reflects this sensibility. She spends part of the time creating this work in a real darkroom - no digital printing - she is creating photograms in a process that is both time-consuming and meditative. Ms. Frazer is incorporating the techniques used and made famous by Man Ray—a photogram is a cameraless work made by placing objects and other materials on photosensitive paper and exposing it to light ( Rarely today do I see silver gelatin images being created, and I love them. There is something irresistible about the way the blacks and grays and whites appear in a silver gelatin print. These objects that have caught Ms. Frazer's fancy are not only incorporated into her photograms but then carefully composed onto the surface of the silver gelatin image and painted panel. I would say that her work and her medium is varied, she uses paint, colored pencil, graphite, photograms, found objects and wire to create small terrestrial compositions. 

Willa's methods of creating these works begin with the collection of lost objects, move into the darkroom, then back to the studio to arrange, paint, puncture and draw. She writes, "At microscopic levels every interaction leaves a mark. Imagine the traces entities carry from every moment of their existence. And it is not only the physical, it is also the symbolic traces we find in things; in just the conception of something there is an imprint of historical and cultural information. I explore the mythologies that bring these objects to me and create visual fables to reinvent their meanings." 

"It can definitely be about memory. The memory of objects and bodies," she says. "These constructions explore the memories held in objects, especially discarded things. It's a kind of worshipping lost things and trying to learn from them—and trying to realize the countless worlds that exist in small things."

Willa Frazer is the Assistant Director of Jordan Faye Contemporary. For the past two years she's been an invaluable asset to the gallery's operations. She is grounded, hardworking, smart and dedicated. We first met through distant acquaintances via Facebook and then soon after she participated in Jordan Faye Contemporary's Salon Series in January 2011. I first saw her work in a studio visit for the salon. I've watched her ideas grow and evolve over the course of the last three years. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to show the work of this talented artist. It is truly with great pride and pleasure that I am able to share from this heavenly body, Willa's first solo exhibition, with you.