Monday, May 20, 2013


clip_image001THOMAS DIMUZIO

Electronic music auteur Thomas Dimuzio will perform his set in quadrophonic surround after synth music by local special guests.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 21, doors open at 8:30 PM, music at 9 PM
The Red Room at Normals Books and Records, 425 E. 31st Street, Baltimore

Trailblazing synthesist and live sampling pioneer Thomas Dimuzio brings his music to your town in a rare east coast tour, his first in 10 years.  Critically acclaimed and a veteran of sound and stage, Dimuzio has worked solo and collaboratively with artists including Dimmer, Negativland, Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, Nick Didkovsky, Matmos, Wobbly, Illusion of Safety, Due Process, Voice of Eye, 5uu’s and the list goes on. His extensive discography includes releases on RéR Megacorp, Seeland, RRRecords, Asphodel, No Fun Records, Drone Records, Record Label Records, Melon Expander, and Isounderscore.

“Attending a Thomas Dimuzio performance is like lying underneath a web of freeway bridges with your eyes closed; blocking out all visuals except the brief daggers of light that flicker with each passing car. There is a sense of probable dread—metal, wooden or cigarette debris from the vehicles could fly off and injure you—but also on e of hypnotized calm, thanks to the amplified hum of Michelin and Goodyear against greased concrete. Dimuzio, a San Francisco electro-noise composer, seemingly replicates this experience with massive, body-vibrating drones punctuated by abrupt, skreeing hits of white noise. His improvised performances — usually performed with guitar feedback and short-wave radio files processed with a laptop and CDJ player-explore the gray area between tranquility and disarray, and they can draw your imagination into a wilderness it will refuse to leave, even when your nerves are shot by so many conflicting emotions.” — Pitchfork Media

Slew, Thomas Dimuzio, RéR Megacorp
“Brilliant and rarely less than entertaining.” — BBC

“Slew is filled with tracks that demand full attention.” — Pitchfork Media

Mono::Poly, Thomas Dimuzio, Asphodel Records
“A luminous snapshot of an artist who deserves widespread exposure. Highly recommended.” — All About Jazz

HEADLOCK - Thomas Dimuzio, RéR Megacorp
“If King Crimson had studied under Edgard Varese.” — The Wire