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Spring & Summer—Six Upcoming Projects

Partners for the next six projects include White Flag Performance Group, EMP Collective, Amissa Miller, Ben Hoover, Enoch Pratt Free Library (Central, Orleans Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue branches), Area 405, Single Carrot Theatre, Michelle Nelson aka LOVE the poet, Rosalind Cauthen, Kuumba Artists, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, MICA, St. Michaels & All Angels, St. Mark's Lutheran, Spiritual Empowerment Center, Seventh Metro Church and New Second Missionary Baptist, among a host of other individuals.

"What Do You Do?" Image by Patrick Joust

WHEN: May 29 through June 2
WHERE: Location is to be announced shortly.
BPK is partnering with the
Enoch Pratt Free Library for three performances at different branches:

  • June 5 at 2 PM - Central Branch
  • June 6 at 6 PM – Orleans Street Branch
  • June 7 at 2 PM - Pennsylvania Avenue Branch

This question, "What Do You Do?", is a challenging question regardless of your employment circumstances because everyone plays many roles. It is even more challenging when you are unemployed, under employed, or are pursuing an unpaid passion while working a gig for pay.

Amissa Miller recently moved to Baltimore from New York. When she was arrived, she combined her two desires: to get to know her new city and to create an original piece of theatre, and came up with What Do You Do? Amissa has been supported by an Ignite Baltimore Grant to create the work.

WHAT DO YOU DO? seeks to explore the complexities of this question through the narratives of our neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones, illuminating vulnerability and resiliency along the way. Based on interviews conducted with a diverse array of Baltimore residents, the piece weaves together stories of struggle and strength, amplifying the voices of those in our communities who are impacted by the search for, and meaning of, their work. In the process, it raises questions of how we identify ourselves, how we measure success, and what we contribute to our society beyond our job titles.

Get Involved: If you are interested in being part of What Do You Do? and would like to set up an audition, please contact me at 443.690.4053 or email me at All levels of performance experience are welcome to audition.

Free tickets will be available for reservation in May.

Special thanks to Patrick Joust ( for use of his beautiful photograph as our postcard image—for free.

The courtyard from the building above.Romeo & Juliet in Station North.
WHEN: June 19-30, 2013
Area 405, 405 E. Oliver Street in Baltimore
Major Partner:
Single Carrot Theatre

This project was initiated by Stewart Watson, one of the amazing forces behind Area 405, which is an art gallery in Station North. In the summer of 2010 Stewart told Buck Jabaily, Producing Artistic Director of Baltimore Performance Kitchen, that she wanted someone to do Romeo and Juliet in the outdoor courtyard of her building (which contains a gallery, artist studios and living quarters for Stewart's awesome family). The building was originally a brewery, but served many industrial functions during its life. It then sat empty for years before the Area 405 crew took over in the early 2000s.

Get Involved: Actors in the production are still being cast. They are specifically looking for individuals who live in Station North (Greenmount West, Charles North, and Barclay) or have a significant relationship to the area (Do you work in the neighborhood? Did you grow up there?) to play a number of mostly smaller roles that are still open. No experience acting is necessary! You would have to be available for rehearsals and all performances. Buck already has a number of individuals cast with strong relationships to the neighborhood. He is also casting the very important role of the nurse, and islooking for an African American woman between the ages of 30 and 50 with performance experience. There is no need to have a relationship to Station North to be eligible for the role of the Nurse. If you are interested in auditioning, send Buck an e-mail at or call himat 443-690-4053.

Free tickets will become available on the website and phone reservation in May.

God's Country.

WHEN: July 10-14
Location to announced soon

With God's Country. Baltimore Performance Kitchen will have worked with Michelle Antoinette Nelson, also known as LOVE the poet, three times in less than a year. Michelle made up one part of the trio for Red Flags, which we commissioned and presented in October at Arena Players. Michelle will also be playing Romeo in our Romeo & Juliet which I mention above.
God's Country. is an original, one woman show that Michelle is in the process of creating. I am honored to be working with Michelle to develop the piece, which includes a lot of her poetry, and I am really looking forward to presenting God's Country. to you from . We will be announcing the venue soon.

"We live in a country where faith is a 9mm locked and loaded with God bullets. If when you were born you were told you were a God and not a lowly sinner what would you do? How would you move, breathe, think, love? If this is God's Country, where the hell is God?"  —Michelle Nelson aka LOVE the poet

God's Country is an intimate look inside the mind and soul of one of Baltimore's most talented poets. She explores what it means to be a young, black lesbian in Baltimore, and the challenges she faces from society, and especially elements of the African American church. She will take on nine different characters in what is her first original play.

Get Involved: If you are part of a religious congregation that would be interested in hosting a free performance of God's Country. in order to stimulate dialogue in your congregation, please contact Buck at or 443.690.4053


For Artscape 2013, Performance Kitchen will present Rosalind Cauthen and Kuumba Artist's We Wear the Mask, a pop-up, guerrilla style 25-minute performance which uses minstrelsy, vaudeville, and mask to mine contemporary issues with equal parts humor and provocation. Audience members will be pushed, teased, confronted, and entertained. While minstrelsy can be shocking, the artists will use audience reactions as the catalyst for open exchange during and after each performance.

The performance will occur several times across the course of Artscape, which is July 19-21.

This summer and fall they are creating a performance for the Curatorial Practice MFA at MICA for their upcoming exhibition CONGREGATE art + faith + community in September 2013. Their piece is titled Closets.

CONGREGATE is a two-segment exhibition and series of programs that creates shared experiences with religious congregations and artistic communities in Station North. Original pieces are being created and informed by interactions with five congregations in Station North, including St. Michael's & All Angels, St. Mark's Lutheran, Spiritual Empowerment Center, Seventh Metro, and New Second Missionary Baptist. Starting in August 2013, the newly created sculptures, installations, and participatory works informed by these interactions will be displayed inside the individual places of worship.

The second segment of Congregate will showcase these artworks at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Studio Center. This exhibition aims to dispel general perceptions that arts and faith communities are necessarily disparate. Through an exhibition of artworks that encourages and explores the act of congregating in Station North, Congregate will initiate dialogue, open doorways, and create welcoming spaces for these communities to come together.

Closets will be a performance about the near universal personal practice of hiding an aspect of our lives from ourselves and/or others due to the absence of acceptance. Closeting can occur due to repression, suppression, or oppression, and can happen over issues of sexuality, addiction, finances, disabilities, mental health, religion, political beliefs, and many more.
The work will be led by a trio of artists, Buck Jabaily, Amissa Miller (mentioned above for her project "What Do You Do?") and Ben Hoover (also mentioned above as a collaborator on "What Do You Do?").

Baltimore Performance Kitchen will co-create the work with one individual from each of the five congregations participating in the larger CONGREGATE project. Performances will happen in August and September at the different congregations and at MICA during the exhibition of CONGREGATE.

Get Involved: If you are in a financial position to help Performance Kitchen present free performances this summer by making a tax deductible contribution, please be in touch with Buck Jabaily at, call 443.690.4053, or give directly online via PayPal at this link. If you are interested in giving to Performance Kitchen in a non-financial capacity, please get in touch with me. We need all kinds of help, such as help spreading the word online and in person, acquiring donated supplies and materials, and much more.