Monday, March 11, 2013


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by Edward Albee
directed by Fuzz Roark

WHEN: Tue & Wed,  Mar 19 & 20, at 7 PM
: Spotlighters Theare,  817 Saint Paul Street,  Baltimore, MD  2120

PERFORMANCE DATES:  May 24 - June 30, Fri & Sat – 8 PM, Sun – 2 PM

Final schedule once casting is completed. Tentative Schedule:

  • Mon - Thur, 7 PM- 10 PM Apr 2 - May 2
  • Mon - Thur, 7 PM- 11 PM May 6 - May 23 (Tech Weeks)


  • Prepare an under 2 min dramatic monologue for all roles.
  • Actors auditioning for Claire should also prepare an under 2 min comedic monologue.
  • Be prepared to read sides and maybe asked to remain to read with other actors.
  • NO appointments needed, first come, first read.
  • Non-Union / Non-Paid

Agnes and Tobias live a relatively peaceful upper class life. Their fragile peace is disrupted when two old friends arrive unexpectedly due to some unexplained terror. All hell breaks loose when the 36-year-old daughter of Agnes and Tobias, Julia, arrives. Her fourth marriage has just failed. The delicate balance between sanity and madness is lost for all.

Character Breakdown

  • Agnes:  (female, 50's) She is woman in her fifties, well off, and married to Tobias. She is also the mother of Julia and the sister of Claire. Agnes believes herself to be the fulcrum of the family, keeping everyone in balance. She often maintains this balance, or order, by not confronting issues, not taking a stand, and not processing emotions. She tries to keep the peace by not dealing with anything that might upset it.
  • Tobias (male, 50's) Tobias is Agnes’s husband and the father of Julia. He is a well-to-do, retired businessman. Although he is tolerant of people around him, he, like his wife, tends to avoid emotional topics. His tolerance toward his sister-in-law Claire is shown in his nonjudgmental attitude toward her drinking. Although he encourages her to return to Alcoholics Anonymous at one point in the play, he does not berate her for drinking. In some ways, he even encourages it or at least does not discourage it. There are a few subtle insinuations that Claire and Tobias might have at one time had an affair, but this is initially only alluded to by script directions that have Claire open her arms to Tobias in a “casual invitation.” Later in the play, Agnes asks Tobias (when he cannot sleep) if he went to Claire.
  • Claire:  (female:  40's) Claire is Agnes’s younger sister. She claims that she is not an alcoholic but rather a willful drinker. Of all the characters in the play, whether it is due to the alcohol or not, Claire has the loosest tongue. She speaks her mind and is the least affected by social politeness.  Claire lives with Agnes and Tobias and appears to have no means of support except for them. Her main role in life seems to be to annoy and embarrass her sister. She is everything that Agnes dislikes.
  • Edna (female, 50's) Edna is Harry’s wife. It is not clear if she is really Agnes’s friend or if she and Agnes know one another only because their husbands are friends. Edna arrives one day at the door of Agnes and Tobias’s home. She takes it for granted that they will let her and Harry stay there for however long it takes them to get over their unnamed fear.
  • Harry (male, 50's) Harry is Edna’s husband and Tobias’s best friend. At one point in the past, Harry and Tobias, coincidently, had an extramarital affair with the same young woman. Besides both having been businessmen and meeting at the same club, it is unclear what else Harry and Tobias have in common except that they have known one another for a long time and neither sleeps with his wife. Harry is something of a reflection of Tobias, but he is even more reserved.
  • Julia (female, mid 30's) Julia is the thirty-six-year-old daughter of Agnes and Tobias. Three times divorced, she has just recently left her fourth husband and has returned home. Her father calls her a whiner, and her mother has little time for her. Her parents welcome her, although they make it clear that they wish she would establish an independent life of her own.  Julia is the catalyst of the play.