Tuesday, January 8, 2013


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By Peter Shaffer
Directed by Sherrionne Brown

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 15, 7–39:30 PM; Wednesday, Jan. 16, 7–9:30 PM
Spotlighters Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore

Performance Run dates: April 5- May 5, 2013
Rehearsals start Monday, February 11, 2013

Auditions will be readings from the script.
Non-union  /  Non-paid
Contact director Sherrionne Brown with questions at sherrionne@aol.com or 443.791.3780.

Character descriptions:
British accents are required for all roles.
All actors except Alan and Dysart are also part of the chorus and remain onstage for the entire production.
Two roles, Alan and Jill, require nudity in one scene.

  • Martin Dysart (mid 40s-mid 50s)-a psychiatrist at a hospital, who works with youths. He has recently been questioning his life and work.
  • Alan Strang (17) – a troubled young man, the patient of Dr. Dysart
  • Frank Strang (50s) Alan’s father, hates religion, TV, has a hard time talking about personal issues
  • Dora Strang (50s) Alan’s mother, a very religious woman
  • Hesther Salomon (40s)-a magistrate, Dysart’s friend and confidante
  • Jill Mason (early 20s) – works in the stables, loves horses and riding, down to earth approach to life, pretty, attracted to Alan
  • Harry Dalton (40s-50s) – A stable owner
  • A Young Horseman/Nugget, a horse – this role has been cast
  • A Nurse (20s-60s)– Alan’s nurse, any age
  • Five Actors – Male or female - Horses, shop customers, theatre patrons, chorus – prefer some dance ability as the horses require choreographed movement.