Sunday, December 23, 2012



100 Teapots VI

Baltimore Clayworks is proud to present 100 Teapots VI, juried by Jeff Oestreich.

WHEN: January 12 through February 23, 2013 with an opening reception on Saturday, January 12, from 6 to 8 PM.
WHERE: Baltimore Clayworks, 5707 Smith Ave., Baltimore
ADMISSION:  free and open to the public.

When asked about the subject of the teapot, Jeff Oestrich said, "I think of the teapot as the soufflé of pottery shapes. It requires a knowledge of materials, technique, patience and trust. The kiln is opened, the teapot takes a bow and demands attention, or lowers it's head on the way to the dumpster. Why, when teabags have been in use since 1904, do we keep coming back to this form? It challenges all our senses and as with the soufflé it is comprised of basic ingredients all dressed up, intended for an occasion, and wanting an applause. After 45 years of everything that can go wrong with a teapot from stuck lids to spouts that don't pour, I keep returning to this idea as there is no other form that can humble and excite at the same time."

Selected artists:

Deborah Allen-Hamalainen (NJ), Elka Adamowicz (MD), Marion Angelica (MN), Marilyn Andrews (MA), Anne Bowen (MD), Angel Brame (MO), Rene Barkett (NY), D.Hayne Bayless (CT), Eileen Greene Braun (GA), Gary Beaumont (IL), HP Bloomer IV (CO), Margaret Barber (AL), Nicholas Bernard (AZ), David Cuzick (CA), Jim Connell (SC), Randy Carlson (IL), Susan Calafrancesco (TX), Chris Drubnock (PA), Dana Leher Danze (VA), Denise Woodward Detrich (SC), Debra Oliva (MI), Erhsun Nixon Khoo (IL), Beverly Fetterman (TX), Barbara Frey (TX), Delores Fortuna (IL), Verne Funk (TX), Darin Gehrke (NY), Jenny Grawronski (CO), Jim Geletka (MD), Andrea Dee Harris (MD), Roy Hanscom (TX), Michael Hill (SD), Matthew Hyleck (MD), Steve Hilton (TX), Tom Hubert (PA), Shikha Joshi (TX), Elizabeth Kendall (VA), Elizabeth Keller (SC), Martin Karcher (DC), Brenda Llewellyn (VA), Louis Reilly (UT), Robert Lawarre III (FL), Dan Molyneux (MA), Matthew Mitros (GA), Megan Mitchell (MT), Una Mjurka (CA), Make Nishimori (NY), Ted Neal (IN), Mary O'Malley (NY), Laura Peery (MD), Mike Poness (MD), Vijay Paniker (IL), Danna Eve Rzecznik (PA), Geryn Roche (TX), Jack Rotar (OH), Meryl Ruth (ME), Gayle Singer (OK), Jose Sierra (AZ), Katie Susko (IL), Marsha Slater (VA), Walter Slowinski (VT), Yael Shomroni (MO), Gerbi Tsesarskaia (FL), Julia Timm (MN), Judi Tavill (NJ), Heather Wang (MN), Tom White (MA), Tripti Yoganathan (GA), Caleb Zouhary (TX), Rebecca Zweibel (VA)

In the Solo Gallery: JEFF OESTREICH, AT YOUR SERVICE. Featuring soda fired working class pots, designed for use in the home, that come to life in service.

In the Community Arts Gallery:COMMUNITY STUDIOS IN BALTIMORE CITY. Showcasing artwork created by participants of our signature Clay for All! satellite programming with senior adults, youth and families.

Images: (left to right) Jim Connell, Barbara Frey, Dana Lehrer Danze, Verne Funk

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