Friday, November 9, 2012


On September 27, CENTERSTAGE launched My America—a snapshot of our nation through the eyes of its playwright—live online and in our lobby. Nearly six weeks and 45 monologues later, the tapestry of ideas is nearing completion, and we find it fitting that our grand finale falls on Election Day.

This final grouping tells work stories, and includes a two-part video series, as well as three text-only monologues. It is our hope that through the project's continued life online we will reach multitudes of people and continue the conversation of what My America means to each of us.

  • Kill the N#&&@R by Lynn Nottage, performed by Maechi Aharanwa
  • Current Events by Neil LaBute, performed by Gia Crovatin
  • The Hillary Inside by Julie Jensen, performed by Mia Barrow
  • Annette by Constance Congdon, performed by June Gable
  • The Dream by Juliana Avery (text only)
  • Untitled by Anna Moench (text only)
  • Untitled by Willy Holtzman (text only)

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