Wednesday, November 28, 2012


upcoming eventA NIGHT OF SOLOS
featuring emerging Baltimore artists

WHEN: Friday, November 30, 8:30 PM
The Red Room,  425 E. 31st Street Baltimore

The Red Room continues its mission to spotlight inspired local emerging artists with a night of experimental solos.

Kelvin Pittman on Saxophone
Will Schorre – Synthesizer
Jesse Haas – Saxophone
Beth Brown – Electronics
Peter Tran - Guitar Synthesizer
Derrick Michaels - Saxophone

Short solo sets by an extremely varied and spirit group of emerging improvisors who come highly recommended by the Red Room.

Flandrew Fleisenberg and Neil Feather & Peter B
A duo of unconventional improvisors: Neil Feather and Flandrew Fleisenberg.

WHEN: Saturday, December 1, 8:30 PM

Making new friends is a major part of the Red Room related festival High Zero. Feather and Fleisenberg hit it off and decided they needed to play together. So, tonight two men with great enthusiasm for experimental music willfully collaborate to make some of the wobbliest, the buzziest, the clangiest, and the boingiest music that has ever happened at the Red Room.

PB: Peter Blasser plays the Plumbutter.
This same night, you can see Peter Blasser performing on his brand new, handmade-for-your-Holliday-gifting, drum and drama machine: Plumbutter. For a preview of what this instrument can do, see his website.

Flandrew Fleisenberg plays percussion on an assortment of everyday ephemera and modified drum parts that he has reduced and eroded through a process of playing and breaking them. A graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with a focus in conceptual art, he is musically self-taught and has developed a cadre of idiosyncratic techniques that are all his own. Flandrew has been involved in the improvised and creative music community since 2001 performing solo, in ad-hoc improv groupings and in set projects. Additionally, he organizes an ongoing series of performances at the flopera house in Boston.

Sound Mechanic Neil Feather has been creating radical and unusual musical instruments for thirty years, and is increasingly known outside of Baltimore as one of the most original musical thinkers of his day. His instruments each embody uniquely clever acoustic and engineering principles, and are visually arresting. The music he plays on the instruments is equally original, embodying new principles and resulting in a nearly alien idiom of music. A founding member of THUS and THE OFFICIAL PROJECT, as well as the leader of AEROTRAIN, he has a long history of collaborative projects and solo concerts.

Peter Blasser was introduced to "the maestro" in a fourth grade assembly. This kind conductor of the micro-kid band introduced the wind instruments available and Peter chose the tuba because it was the least practical. His parents put up with its bellows until high school when he diversified to banjo. Unallowed to purchase an Ud, Peter built one in the basement, thus beginning his career of "I will interface with reality by building a sound object."


The Volunteers Collective
(Open Session/Workshop for free improvisation)

WHEN: Sunday, December 2, 7:00 PM

Anyone with a serious interest in free improvisation is invited to attend and play. Inpiring, hard, non-competative.