Sunday, September 16, 2012


jordan faye contemporary

Come visit their new location at 823 Park Ave!

Installation View of These Favorite Things, including Lori Larusso, T.R. Kaltreider, James Long, Edwin Remsberg, & Kate MacKinnon

currently on view 


Jordan Faye Contemporary is pleased to have moved our gallery and operations to the culturally rich neighborhood of Mount Vernon. For our first exhibition in our new location on Park Avenue we've thoughtfully selected 50 of our favorite pieces. The entire team has been excited by our lovely new home and we're looking forward to sharing our artists & their work with you over the years to come. Please join us, this Saturday from 1 - 6pm to celebrate this new space and new exhibition!

Jordan Faye Block ~ Curatorial Impresario  /  Willa Frazer ~ Superwoman /  Kathleen Jensen ~ Client Specialist Extraordinaire


Lawrence Cromwell * Michelle Dickson * Lisa Dillin * Donald Edwards

T. R. Kaltreider * Evan Levine * Lori Larusso * James Long

Kate MacKinnon * Jenee Mateer * Melissa Matsuki Lillie

Sophia Narrett * Lat Naylor * David Page * Scott Ponemone

Edwin Remsberg * Janna Rice * Debra Rubino * Gina Tackett

Installation View : These Favorite Things, Donald Edwards, Sophia Narrett, T.R. Kaltreider, & Lawrence Cromwell

top image:

Lori Larusso, Single Slices (4 small paintings), T.R. Kaltreider, The First Time (painting/installation with blanket), Edwin Remsberg, Diapothèque 8 and 23 (photographs), Kate MacKinnon, Five Chrysanthemums Ran Away 4 (oil on canvas over panel), & James Long, Orbs (2 wooden spheres)

bottom image:

Donald Edwards, I Heart Dancing (junk warrior with shelf), Sophia Narrett, To Be Given Something (embroidery thread, fabric, acrylic), Lawrence Cromwell, In Time & Pan (2 paintings), T. R. Kaltreider, Witness Woman Walking When We Were (oil on canvas)

Jordan Faye Contemporary
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Tuesday - Thursday 11 - 6 / Second Saturdays  1 - 6  & by appointment