Monday, September 3, 2012


By Euripides
Directed by Lizzie Jump

WHEN: September 7 through 29, with performances Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM. A matinee is scheduled on Sunday, September 23 at 4 PM
Mobtown Theater is located in the Meadow Mill complex at 3600 Clipper Mill Road in Hampden. Directions to the theater are available on the website.
TICKETS: $15 (general admission) and $12 (students and seniors).
Tickets may be purchased at the door or online at

The Mobtown Players present the Baltimore Premiere of Electra by Euripides. The story begins and ends with murder. When Electra was a young girl, her father King Agamemnon was killed, and, to avoid the same fate as his father, her brother Orestes was smuggled out of the country. Now a grown woman, Electra has been forced into a marriage with a farmer and exiled to rural Argos. She dreams of the day when she and Orestes are reunited and avenge their murdered father by killing the people responsible—their mother Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.

But when the siblings are reunited and their father’s death avenged, will Electra and Orestes find the justice and rewards they expected? Or do the gods have a different fate in store for those who murder a parent in the name of piety and revenge?

Lizzie Jump—longtime member of the Mobtown Players who has worked as stage manager, producer, and board member—makes her directorial debut for the Mob. She says of her experience, “It’s been so rewarding to realize that the story and the characters are still relevant, and to see the actors getting into these stories that I’ve known for so long. The play is 2500 years old, and some of the things that happen could’ve happened yesterday.”

One of Baltimore’s most popular theater groups, the Mobtown Players were founded in 1998, finding a permanent home in Hampden in 2003. The non-profit theater company is dedicated to making both classic work and contemporary plays accessible to a wide variety of audiences.