Thursday, August 9, 2012


spotlight theater logo.AUDITION NOTICE

PictureMAME! the musical
By Jerry Herman
Director: Allan Herlinger

Assistant Director: Amanda Bennett
Musical Director: Michael Tan
Choreographer: Jillian Bauersfeld

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 25 from 11 AM – 3 PM and Sunday, August 26th from 6 PM – 9 PM
WHERE: Spotlighters Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Show performances November 23 – December 23

The musical revolves around the antics of Mame Dennis, a fun-loving, wealthy eccentric with a flare for life and a razor sharp wit. Her life is suddenly changed when she becomes the guardian of her late brother's only child, Patrick Dennis. Her adventures take us from the speak-easies of the roaring 20's to the depression following the great Stock Market crash. She is rescued by a wealthy Southern plantation owner, marries and is widowed suddenly, and through it all, manages to keep things under control. With some help from her dearest friend, Vera Charles, she helps keep things at 3 Beekman Place a rousing free-for-all.


  • No appointments, first come first heard.
  • Please arrive no less 30 minutes before end of auditions to allow time for full audition.

  • Prepare 18- 24 bars of up-tempo Broadway style music and 18-24 bars of a Broadway Ballad. DO NOT PREPARE ANY MUSIC FROM MAME.
  • You may be asked to perform only one of the numbers.
  • Bring sheet music in your key. No a capella auditions.
  • Be prepared for short dance audition
  • Wear comfortable clothes /dance shoes for dance audition
  • Cold readings from script, no monologues needed.

Please bring your calendars, conflicts will be requested.

List of main characters (ages are not physical age but what can be portrayed):

  • Auntie Mame - mezzo [solid F3 - F5] (Age range could be as young as 30s and up to early 50s) – eccentric, madcap, extremely liberal
  • Agnes Gooch – soprano [G3 - Bb5] (Age range 30s - early 40s) – comedic role, Patrick’s dowdy Nanny
  • Vera Charles - alto [solid Eb3 - Bb4] (Age range could be as young as 30s and up to early 50s) – over-the-top flamboyant actress, comedic role
  • Young Patrick Dennis – boy alto/high tenor [F3 - D5] (singing age 8 – 12 boy) – young boy, Mame’s nephew
  • Ito - tenor/high baritone [G3 - G4] (singing age 18 - up male) – Mame’s Chinese butler, comedic role
  • Lindsay Woolsey – publisher, one of many of Mame’s male friends. Mame’s closest male confidant
  • Dwight Babcock – pompous and righteous guardian/lawyer
  • Beauregard Burnside – baritone (30 – 45) wealthy southern gentleman who marries Mame
  • Mother Burnside – alto/contralto [E3 - G4] (55 – 70) Beauregard’s over-protective mother
  • Sally Cato – soprano [C4 - Bb5] (23 – 30) Southern Belle competing for Beauregard’s affection with Mame
  • Patrick Dennis – baritone [C3 - E4] (19 – 25) young (adult) man who is Mame’s nephew all grown up
  • Mrs. Upson – (35 - 45) Gloria’s uptight New England snobby mother
  • Mr. Upson – (35 - 45) Gloria’s uptight New England snobby father
  • Gloria Upson – (19 – 25) New England snobby young (adult) lady engaged to Patrick
  • Pegeen Ryan – (19 – 25) young (adult) lady who is the girl Patrick ultimately marries

And other character parts played by Ensemble of 12 (6 men, 6 women) [Tenors need A4/Sopranos need Bb5]

NON-Paid / NON-Union