Saturday, July 7, 2012


clip_image001Deep Baltimore Noise Music

WHEN: Monday, July 9; doors open 8:30 PM; show 9 PM
The Red Room, 425 E. 31st Street, Waverly (Baltimore)
ADMISSION: $5 show

Baltimore's Nautical Almanac returns from the heartland with creepy, subterranean chops and blades sharpened. the singular minds of Twig Harper and Carly Ptak are singular figures, having graced this city with their vision and ideas for just about 11 years now. They can't be categorized. They are a curio catalog of esoterica, deep dark echoes from the Mariana's trench, minerals-derived psycho-spelunking and renunciation of LCD culture. Their performances have evolved from the early inscrutable screeches of broken toys reciting an gnomic revision of the 1980s into something more akin to an invocation of amanita ghost, set in a cave of crystalline absinthe.

Leprechaun Catering—Jason Willett, Dan Breen and Tom Boram of the Baltimore City—are a simplex of noises and ten-year practitioners of the no genre/ all genre cyclone where each thing deemed transformative gets assimilated and drafted up to the sky and shot off into a mushroom of pixilated rain. This is a music of the orifices, a sound heard in the anus, or urethra but clarified in the spleen and bit reduced or encrypted in the wilderness chakra of the nipple. These men have been doing this shit for years, and they’re good at it. Stylistic references–Tiny Tim, Mah Na Mah Na, Sha Na Na, DnB, ELO, DLR vs SH as in who was better in VH, and don’t forget anyone who plays a string instrument with only one string.

This is how all Monday nights will be spent in the year 2112.