Friday, May 4, 2012



features the work of Nikki Marie and Derek Glenn Martin exhibited in a refurbished pop up gallery

WHEN:  Thursday, May 17- 27. The opening reception is May 18th at 8 PM.
WHERE: 445 S. Robinson St., Baltimore
The exhibition is open to the public by appointment and on the weekdays Noon to 3 PM. Please call 330.329.7756 to schedule a visit.

For more information, please visit

Driven Within is a subconscious narrative versus introspective reflection. It investigates and reveals the journey of two artists who seek personal enlightenment and awareness while simultaneously addressing their role in the world of ceramic art. Join us as we discover what it is to be an artist, and what it costs to achieve a dream.

Schultz Development is a local development company that specializes in rehabbing residential houses. Their target area is East Baltimore, specifically Highlandtown, Canton, and Brewer's Hill. The scope of their work extends beyond simply building houses; they care about seeing communities grow and flourish. The culmination of Schultz’s vision is to see Eastern Ave.
bustling with street life and creative businesses. They are excited to work with the Nomad Gallery to help bring a creative energy to the street. By using one of vacant storefronts, Nomad will become an extension of Schultz’s vision by bringing energy to the avenue. In turn, this also
gives Nomad an opportunity to have a space to express their vision of the city. The possibilities that can arise from this collaboration are endless and both groups look forward to seeing the p
ositive impact this will have on the neighborhood.

The Nomad Gallery curates public art performances and installations in once empty storefronts and other unused spaces. In these spaces, while the building is in transition, the gallery temporarily sets up pop up exhibitions. Through the partnership of artists and building owners, they create and build low budget, DIY galleries that have the ability to pop up all over the city.

The goal of Nomad is to provide exposure for emerging artists, connect with many different neighborhoods, and promote the arts in unexpected locations.