Thursday, May 10, 2012


A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits

WHEN: Show runs May 10-19
EMP Collective, 306 W Redwood Street , Baltimore
May 10 is Pay-what-you-can preview! Show up at EMP and pay-what-you-can to get in! Discount only valid for May 10 performance.

In 1726, Mary Toft was a pregnant English peasant who chased a rabbit through the field for supper. Something happened, something that was simply too much to reveal as itself and she began to miraculously gave birth to pieces of rabbits. Mary became a national sensation, drawing the attention of the Royal Court and bringing people the country ‘round to witness and examine her maternal impressions.

That story was a hoax. This is not.

Mare is a dreamy, imaginative young woman. Kitty, her pragmatic sister, dreams of only one thing: a child. Mare reluctantly agrees to give surrogate birth for Kitty’s child.

Everything goes exactly according to protocol until Mare gives birth to a rabbit instead. . . followed by 24 more. . .

Led by The Stork himself (yes, that one) and featuring a three-ring circus of puppets, hospital magic tricks, and people turning into animals, A Brief Narrative of an Extraordinary Birth of Rabbits explores infertility, creation, science and the imagination.