Tuesday, May 22, 2012


clip_image001The Baltimore Technology Overdrive presents

A night of recursive and stochastic music with Jeff Carey, Dì Tu Piàn Duàn, Sergio Luque

WHEN: May 25, doors 8:30, music 9 PM sharp
Red Room at Normals Books and Records, 425 E. 31st Street, Baltimore

This edition of RTFM will feature the BTO's own Jeff Carey performing material from his new CD "Interrupt-Decay."  We'll start the evening with a short multichannel piece from Sergio Luque, immediately followed by the visual music duo Dì Tu Piàn Duàn. 

Jeff Careys music is hardcore digital instrumental music.  It is computer based synthesis, noise, and improvisation combined with a no-safety-net aspect of gestural control makes his music totally physical and vicseral. 

"He's acting on raw instinct here—he refuses the clinical approach to programming software or composing music, and strives to throw himself bodily at his machines, replacing all mechanical moving parts with human flesh, blood, and bone. In pursuit of this all-organic goal, virtually everything else is jettisoned, starting with recognizable notes or melody."  —Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector on 'Impulse'

In 2002 Carey co-founded the Amsterdam based N-Collective with fellow musicians to explore the intersections of contemporary, electronic, and improvised music at its outer limits. His ensembles SKIF++, USA/USB, and Office-R(6) garnered critical acclaim for their approach to structured improvisation and integration of acoustic and digital elements.  Nearly a decade later, Carey's first Solo CD 'Impulse' was released dubbed "fragmentary noise", "speaker damaging", and "breathtaking."  His new ten track CD 'interrupt, decay' continues to explore the dynamism in physically controlled sound production while expanding his palette of expression.

Carey holds a Bachelor of Science in Audio Technology from American University (1994) and studied computer music at the Instituut voor Sonologie at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Den Haag, The Netherlands (2002) and has been recognized twice by the Maryland State Arts Council with an Individual Artist Award in Non-Classical Music Composition.


Dì Tu Piàn Duàn / ("Recursive Frame Fragmentation") is a collaboration between Mei Mei Chang (live video, light, objects) and Cory O'Brien (snare drum, electronics). Recursion is presented as infinite audio and video feedback. Fragmentation is the alteration and destruction of objects, sound and light. The subject of fragmentation is the internal perception, mental frame, memory, or idea. Performances are real-time and improvised, using snare drum and infrared CCTV camera as the main instruments. Sustaining textures and motifs allow close inspection of the viewers own perception of the work. The result is simultaneously visceral, organic, frightening, and encompassing.


Sergio Luque: Born in Mexico City, currently residing in Mardrid, Spain, Sergio is an exponent of stochastic synthesis and multichannel music.  He holds a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Birmingham, Masters Degrees from the Institute for Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Rotterdam University, and a Bechelors degree from the Music Studies and Research Center in Mexico.