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Jordan Faye Contemporary is pleased to announce two upcoming solo exhibitions:  

Lat Naylor, Infotropy
sculpture, drawings and installation 

Edwin Remsberg, Diapothèque

WHEN: April 13 - May 26; Opening Reception, Friday April 13, 7 – 10 PM (valet parking is available across the street at Rowhouse Grille); Artist Talk: Sunday May 6, 1 – 3 PM
  Jordan Faye Contemporary, 1401 Light Street, Baltimore

Lat Naylor, Infotropy

Lat Naylor, rotterdam, 2012, & artist statement

When you approach a work by Lat Naylor things seem deceivingly simple. Shapes of color or wood or space are discernible; methods of construction, support, and attachment seem easy to understand. The materials of wood, metal, or thread are as recognizable as the lines and shapes they create.

But there is something arresting, a quiet tension, where the solidness of shape and material awareness meet the uneven grain of wood or the hints of imperfection in a repeated form.

"Things are much more beautiful when broken and repaired," Lat says, and this idea is palpable in his work. You can witness the graceful embracing of accident and the considerate patching and placing of fragments.

In some ways it's pattern-making, some drawing, and some building. The simplicity of Naylor's work allows you to delve deep into a sense of tension, narrative irregularity, and the considerate incorporation of each element. These pieces are meditative moments, constructing from delicacy, hardness, fragmentation, and repetition a sense of being both saved and lost, both infinite and immediate.  

Lat Naylor is a native of Baltimore, MD, where he currently works and lives with wife, Barbara and their young sons, Copeland and Lane.  Lat's work has been shown and collected in the United States, Japan and Europe since the late 1990's. Lat attended Princeton University.  In 1984 he earned a degree in urban studies and sociology.  Two years later, he dropped out of the graduate school of urban planning at the University of California, Berkeley to enroll in the fashion institute.  In 1988 lat established his own clothing design and manufacturing business in San Francisco.  Over a 10-year span, his straightforward approach to design and fabrication garnered an international following and numerous awards including California Designer of the Year and CFDA Rising Star.  In 1998 Lat closed the clothing company to concentrate on making sculptures, paintings and assemblages. 

In 2002 Lat returned to Baltimore and began a five-year sculpture/renovation project at 1515 Park Avenue - which now serves as his family's home.  In 2011 he began a second large-scale sculpture/renovation at 29 North Avenue - which will eventually be his studio, gallery and educational center.

To view Lat Naylor's page on their website, click here.

Edwin Remsberg,  Diapothèque

Edwin Remsberg, Diapothèque, 2011, & artist statement

In Edwin Remsberg's work one approaches an image of the female form that brings our ideas about objectification and the celebration of individuality to the forefront. These photographs show women in a way that becomes both vulnerable and iconic. The forms float so their silhouettes are highlighted and they seem almost to defy gravity. In moving closer to the work, it becomes visible that these forms in suspension are actually pushed forward, as if being held in by the glass. Freckles and skin are pressed and flattened toward us, revealing the body with new dimensionality and detail. Although they seem exposed they also seem aware of us and feel almost confident behind their glass enclosure. The straightforward and expert delivery of these images allows the viewer to get lost in the shapes, symmetry, and detail of the body, the image hovering between vulnerable portrait and revelatory study.  

Edwin Remsberg's first photographic exploration of his heritage on his ancestors' farm ignited what would later become an established career as both a photojournalist and an artist.  Since this first true experience behind the camera sparked by curiosity, he has had seven books published, his work appears in local and national publications and he has shown series of works at The Maryland State Arts Council, The Creative Alliance and there will be an upcoming show at the Ward Museum. He lives the life of an agrarian artist on his working sheep farm in Maryland.

To view Edwin Remsberg's page on their website, click here.

Jordan Faye Contemporary was founded as a platform to give emerging artists a wider audience. Established in 2006, we champion the work of early to mid-career artists as well as providing educational opportunities for emerging artists within the region. Jordan Faye Contemporary features 2700 square feet of gallery space, housed in a former historic library in the heart of Baltimore. Through our gallery exhibitions, our salon series program, off-site exhibitions and presenting works at international art fairs, jordan faye contemporary exposes a larger community to the engaging and thought-provoking work of dozens of artists. Currently the gallery represents twelve artists, who are now at various stages in their careers. The mission is to show work that is not only of contemporary interest but will be of lasting historical significance. 

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