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WHENSunday, Mar 4, 6 PM; Monday, Mar 5, 7 PM
Spotlighters Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore
Directions/parking info on website:

PERFORMANCE DATES: July 6– 29, Fri & Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 PM
Rehearsals begin May 14th.
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Pulitzer Prize Winner Marsha Norman’s knowing examination of our yearnings and the lengths to which we will pursue them. Known for the depth and range of her dialogue, here she creates four unique characters and through them sets a tale full of drama, humor, heartache and passion. These fully realized roles provide a great acting opportunity.

THE SETTING: It is 1912, miles from nowhere and long past sundown. Out of the night comes the last living gunslinger in the west. Bent on a rendezvous with his long-lost love, he instead stumbles upon a pair of feuding brothers. What was supposed to be a romantic rendezvous becomes instead a sometime comedic, sometime tragic
conflict among four very different people all trying to realize their deepest desires.


  • ARCHIE: Male / 18 - 30 / Requires a versatile, complex actor able to play 17.
    A green boy whose open face and simple enthusiasm seem quite out of place in this barren country. He talks too much and smiles too much and complains too much and, all in all, doesn't belong here. He's eager to move on but is held back by his mother, his age and his fears. During the course of the play he loses his brother, becomes a man, defies a gunman and finds the strength to embrace life.
  • HENRY: Male / 25 - 35 / A tough guy with depth Archie's hothead rancher brother. Henry is a tough, foul-mouthed,
    heavy-drinking cattleman. He is thirty years old but still lives at home. His youth was baked dry in the sun of too many
    days doing his endless, lifeless work. He is obsessed with the exploits of famous outlaws. Henry is not so much mean as deathly tired and totally without hope for the future.
  • LILY: Female / 45 -55 / A tough gal with depth. Once a great frontier beauty, now past her prime, Lily is a pragmatist who now owns the finest hotel east of Albuquerque. Her one weakness is Tom, the returning outlaw. The last time she saw him, he shot her groom at her wedding ceremony; yet she is here to meet him.
  • TOM: (Pre-Cast) The returning outlaw.

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