Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Baltimore Technology Overdrive presents:  


a night of experimental spatialization and computer music with

Andrea Pensado / Jesse Stiles / Morten J Olsen / Patrick McMinn

Two short multi-channel pieces from Patrick McMinn and Morten J Olsen will open the evening followed by performances of Jesse Stiles' octophonic room-breaker and Andrea Pensado's improvised voice processing.

WHEN: Thursday, February 16, 8:30 PM
The Red Room, 425 E. 31st St. , Baltimore

Improvisations with digital electronics and voice. The voice has multiple functions: as a source, signal processor and controller. The approach to programming and performance is highly intuitive. Occasionally, the combination of the performance situation, the often abrasive sounds, the irrational use of the voice and the inherent uncertainty of improvisations contributes to discoveries of unknown places of her mind.

Andrea Pensado is an Argentinian performer, composer and teacher.  She has been using digital media and live interactive musical systems since 1995. She studied in Argentina and Poland. At first, she composed mainly for acoustic instruments. However, she gradually felt more attracted by different sound realms. Today, the abrasive digital noise of her improvisations is far away from her earlier pieces. Harsh dense layers of sounds, often interwoven with her voice, combine hybrid synthesis techniques to create a highly personal sound language, which reflects an intuitive, emotional and paradoxically also logical approach to music making.  Presently, she plays solos and has performed with, among others: Walter Wright, Jules Vasylenko, I’d M Thfft Able, Forbes Graham, Ben Miller, Blaise Siwula, Bonie Kane, Luther Gray, Junko Simons, Todd Br unel, Audrey Chen, Lou Cohen, Dave Ross, Adriana de los Santos, Glynis Lomon, Dave Bryant, Emilie Mouchous, Gustavo Aguilar, Chris Lavery, Mark Miller and Ava Mendoza. She currently lives in the USA.


Jesse Stiles
Stiles will perform with a number of custom-built electronic instruments including his Nondeterministic Synthesis Engine, Epileptic Drum Machine Intermodulator, and Audio-rate Multichannel Room-breaker.

Jesse Stiles is a new media artist, musician, and designer of electronic systems. Through the adaptive misuse of emerging digital technologies, Stiles creates works that are simultaneously entertaining, disorienting, immersive, and transcendental. Stiles’ performances and generative installation work engage with and deconstruct a number of populist formats including electronic dance music, narrative cinema, and the “light show” – pushing these mediums into realms both sublime and subliminal.

Listen to Stiles' latest release Scutopus ventrolineatus (featured on the Merce Cunningham Dance Company's tour-only LP Forty minutes and eleven seconds) HERE

Plus more:  http://jts3k.com/site2/music

Morten J Olsen
Morten J Olsen has just finished tracking a new cd for solo bass drum.  Tonight we'll present an octophonic tape piece assembled from the materials of this release.

Olsen is the drummer of the critically acclaimed Norwegian free-electro-grind drum/electronic/guitar duo MoHa! (Rune Grammofon).  Metal and Free Jazz are among his influences.  He has also played in the bands Office-R(6) (Lampse, +3DB), Thai on Top, Ultralyd (Rune Grammofon), N-Ensemble, and the Gnome Dicks.  He performed at High Zero in 2009.


Patrick McMinn
In This Season is a live algorithmic video and quadrophonic surround sound piece utilizing footage and sound material captured in East and West Baltimore in the fall of 2011.

Patrick McMinn is a composer and performer of new works incorporating acoustic instruments with live electronics.

His work can be heard at www.soundcloud.com/patrickmcminn