Monday, January 9, 2012


Tim Scofield: Toys and Relics
WHEN: On view Jan 14-Feb 18
Opens Sat Jan 14, 6-8 PM. Demonstration 7 PM
Demonstrations also Thu and Fri Feb 2-3, 7 PM prior to Mara Neimanis’ Naomi’s Flight
WHERE: Creative Alliance at the Patterson Main Gallery, 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore

Tim Scofield’s welded steel sculptures tend to look dangerous (which they are, sometimes) and fun (which they are, invariably). The City Paper said his Flying Machine, in which a participant is strapped to one arm of a pendulum and able to carom off walls and ceilings like Spiderman, looks like “a cross between a hyperactive Alexander Calder mobile and a Victorian amusement park ride.” Known for big, dramatic sculptures that are activated through performance, he makes art like the one-time BMX-biker/skater/snowboarder he once was. It’s not all backyard aesthetics and Jackass-inspired antics, however. There’s power and grace to the work, even with his own 200-pound frame strapped in, as much Gene Kelly and Buster Keaton as Johnny Knoxville.

The titles for Scofield’s pieces are descriptive more than poetic, as if he’s content to let the actions speak for themselves. Along with a pair of his Flying Machines and an array of harnesses, miscellany, and documentation of past performances, there are the Teeter Totter, the Tower and the Weeble Wobble. At the opening, and prior to performances of Mara Neimanis’ Naomi’s Flight, Scofield will demonstrate the Weeble Wobble, and possibly others.

Scofield and Neimanis are frequent collaborators and co-founders of the Alley Aerial Arts Festival, which brings together aerial performers from a range of backgrounds: dance, theater, circus and burlesque. They first worked together on the premiere of Neimanis’ Air Heart, a one-woman show about Amelia Earhart performed on a steel sculpture of an airplane, which premiered at CA in 2006.

Matthew Saindon: Overcoming Prototypes
WHEN: Opens Thu Jan 12, 5:30-7:30 PM; On view Jan 12-28

Made using found objects as lenses, photographer Matthew Saindon’s dreamlike images include glimpses of faces, birds and children’s toys that often tip fully over into abstraction. Beautiful as objects in themselves, they serve Saindon’s broader agenda to imagine a world that resists categorization and remains open to possibility.

Containment: Maryland Art Therapy Association Members Exhibition
WHEN: Opens Thu Feb 2, 5:30-7:30 PM; On view Feb 2-18

One of the basic concepts of art therapy is that artwork can serve as a container for the client’s emotions, a place to put memories, thoughts and feelings so that they can be viewed with perspective. Members of the Maryland Art Therapy Association turn this healing strategy back on themselves, with a juried exhibition on the theme.

Subterfuge: CA Residents and Others
WHEN: On view Feb 23-Mar 10; Sat Feb 25 Residents’ Open House. Receptions and Open Studios 7-9 PM. FREE concert w/ Big in Japan 9 PM.

The average visitor to The Patterson has only an inkling of the activity going on behind closed doors or in darkened corners. On the occasion of our annual blockbuster Residents Open House, with studio doors thrown open and the energy turned way up, our resident artists and a group of their friends take the notion of subterfuge—an act of purposeful deception—as the theme for a show that’ll have you looking over your shoulder. Coordinated by Alessandra Torres.